Manifesting a Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

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Mr Dump On Everything says:

Y’all crazy


Great speech on visualisation. Thx for reminding and encouraging on this great Topic. Indeed it works. One day I prayed and visualised to met a certain Person. In the following night I made sport and jogging far outside in the fields. And by "random" I met that person, at night and far outside in the lonly fields. So I really was strucked to see the power of pure prayer and viualisation, and of course to see that God managed it. Have great Future and God with you.

Psyondrax1 says:

Greatness is coming!! went so many days on hard mode nofap and finally manifested a girlfriend and had ongoing sexual pleasures for the first time. have since split from this woman and on the path of celibacy once again. this time going 300 days+. gonna manifest a hot model gf mwahahaha.

Vanessa Rivera says:

Oh my goodness….you’re so attractive

Sanker Media says:

Man, this happens to me at least 2x a week. I think of the person and a second later they are calling, texting, or emailing me. How can I make this work more for me in my life and get something out of just thinking about my client to have them call me and ask me for something lol …it happens so frequently it’s freaky and I freak out the other person because I show them I’m looking at their name on my phone as they call or mid writing them an email or text. Would love to know more and get your thoughts.

Greg07623 says:

I often wonder whether it is manifestation (magnetization) or telepathy. For someone like you I could see either circumstance.

Xīn lì Chéng says:

Totally off topic but you're gorgeous!

Unknown says:

Quality of your videos are improving after every upload, aswell as your way of bringing out knowledge. Awsome to see you improving each time!

kathleen Wharton says:

You may manifest a specific person..but it may not be a person for your benefit. It is Best to Ask for the Right person and Trust God.

kikiłesio says:

Speaking of LoA. One question. If I want something so bad and it's very hard to get I finally get it but….some person MUST DIE so I can get it. Am I responsible for her death?
Like You know. "You wanted it, take it, she will no longer need it because she died already". Uuuuuuuum.

NolanEP says:

I should also add that you're not so much attracting people, places, circumstances or events, but rather, because you and everything else is mind, is one, you are experiencing what you have become. The things in your life are a reflection of your imaginal acts, both conscious and unconscious(all thoughts and feelings). So, when a specific person or event comes into your experience, you are witnessing a mirror image of what you have become in your mind. That's the deeper essence to this. That's why I said that "attraction" is a misnomer.

NolanEP says:

The term "Law of Attraction" is a new age term that repackages ancient ideas from mysticism or magick(often referred to as "occult magic"). The "LoA" isn't a law at all, but is actually based in the 7 principles of Hermiticism. The first principle is "mentalism" which states that everything is mind. This is basically the foundation of it all. After this comes the principles of gender, vibration, cause & effect, correspondence, polarity and rhythm. Principles precede laws. If you look them up, you'll understand the hows and whys of the misunderstood and mislabeled LoA.

Duy Nguyen says:

How's it going cap? I've been busy with PT school and haven't been able to keep up with your content. Glad you're still here!

Prathibha hm says:

Not sure if I manifested specific person…but I was thinking about this topic last night and mrng I see a video on that topic from YOU!!! …. you speak about so many things I am fascinated about… Life is about energy and vibrations… which we never understood for long time… people are lost in their world… I love to see the world where we all know and understand these esoteric concepts.. thanks for the video… u produce wonderful content always


Do you think this is useful for attracting a soul mate you do not even how is she like??

Ramsess Yanez says:

This is happening to me its crazy lol

ഒറ്റമൂലി മലയാളം says: Law of attraction secret link

Abishai Philip says:

A very underrated channel

Shashi Kumar Manthani says:

444 th like !! I'm in

Shivam Singh Rajput says:

I just relapsed bro …?

Yuli Chinese class says:

because you are great ~so people approach you

Kiran Thomas says:

Thank you Captain!

Isaac Bridges says:

Everyone is a reflection of God/I Am/ your state of awareness.

Everyone is in you, and is you pushed out

Muffin & Onion says:

Thanks universe, needed this in the exact moment it came to me.

Bryan Jones says:

Captain Sinbad for NOFAP President✊!!! ???

Wasay m Mangi says:

Please make videos on musafir sindbad ♥️??

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