MANIFESTATION #164: 🔥 Multiple IMPOSSIBLE Intentions Manifested | HUGE Law of Attraction Success

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MindBodySpirit says:


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What happens when u copy otyers intention, will that dream manifest?

Infinite Potential says:

I want to tell you something Suyash..while watching this video, I kind of tested my thoughts unconsciously and said to myself what if the frame falls and guess what it did fell instantly behind was dark and it scared hell out of me. I am not even kidding …it then made me think what I just did. How it happened?? Could you please explain? It was a very casual thought..I didn't apply any great efforts. Need clarity. Thanks.

harshvardhan chauhan says:

I do watch your vedios sir and i believe in manifestation
But my life is messed up from sometimes
I'm frustrated.
things are Just going opposite of what I'm thinking
Nothing is going in my favor
Your vedios gives Hope to me .
If possible please guide me sir

girish ingale says:

GREAT WAY TO HELP OTHERS TO ACHIEVE THEIR DESIRES. I am a regular listener to your success stories and it's great to listen and feel. keep up the same

amanpreet kaur says:

hi, suyash I am watching this video

mailme rini says:

I watch all your videos….i simply can't afford to miss any of your video. I am your subscriber since June 2017. U r a blessing for mankind ❤️❤️❤️

Rajapriya Banerjee says:

Hey Suyash, how are you?

Shagun Gupta says:

Great story.
I am waiting to post my success story.

Sayantan Banerjee says:

Love the way you explain the LOA.. Thanks a lot. My intentions will be fulfilled soon. I know 😍

nadia vijayan says:

Hi suyash. Ur videos r incredible . very soon i ll send success story.thank u .



Incredible manifestation

Watching it second time


Ankit Prasad says:

And yeah One more thing @Suyash, Time to change your DP.

Ankit Prasad says:

Going to get my cup of coffee from cafeteria…

mrsashi sash says:

Love you suyash
You inspire us 😍🤗🌈💐💪

lovely people says:

Amazing God bless

manisha pandey says:

Thanks Suyash for giving wings to my imagination

Sonam Ajit says:

I watch ur all video regularly and I love it thanks a lot for this….

Christopher Browning says:

First of your videos I’ve seen

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