MANIFESTATION #155: ???? FOUR Amazing Successes in ONE DAY | Inspiring Law of Attraction Experience

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Sankar Nayak says:

Thank you Suyash. Great video. Keep motivating us.

Kaushik Mondal says:


sandy rockzz says:

Long time no see!!!!!

Pradnya Jagtap says:

Really superb manifestation . Thanku suyash.

JOHN says:

Plz someone help can i increase my height from loa?

Sunil Gounar says:

thank you for sharing, congratulation Ashwin.

Jishnu Chatterjee says:

Speaking of your old manifestation video, we would love to hear more about your personal manifestations Suyash. It's been quite a while since you've shared your own LOA success stories

Nalini Munduri says:

I manifested your video..????

Ğňëšh Ďøĺĺ says:

I got gossebumps ThankyouThankyouThankyou☺☺☺☺☺☺

Abanti Biswas says:

Your videos are so motivating. I am waiting for my last step and then i will send you my success story too. ???? I have watched most of them. There are two things that really helped me in my life. Once you said that the most easy way to wait is to work while waiting and the other is "everyday in every way I'n getting better". These two have helped me a lottttt. Thank you Suyash. Lots of love❤

Dipalll888 charming girl says:

I wish one day Suyash sir would readout my success story of LOA on his channel

noob animations says:

Kabaali daaww

Dipalll888 charming girl says:


Ya it miraculous with u dear menifester.
Good going !!
I wish I would have same power by LOA .

I'll continue my confidence on same level(high)else I always break my confident within a half day of manifestation.

Soumya Tyagi says:

Suyash sir pls help me is it possible to increase height using loa?? I am 18yo girl and just 4'11'' ???? and my height stopped increasing 3years back. Maybe bcz my growth plates are fused. So now can I increase my height 4-5 inches using loa???

Some Moments with Rashmi says:

I love your law of attraction stories suyash ????????

Nilofar Shaikh says:

OMG what a wonderful success story !!! Thank you auyash.

Arjun Adiga says:

Hi my question is how many days it will take to complete a manifestation

Utpal Ghosh says:

Nowadays LOA miracle happens so often that it seems like regularity, like:

Last week's eg
1. Entered bank and was thirsty, but didn't feel like requesting for water as I was talking to rep, but found water kept in separate glasses for drinking.

2. If I just think about a person, I know even I don't call, I shall receive the call from other person, it happens 100% of the times.

2. Keep on watching 11,22,111,222 so much so that moment I spot one and I know I shall see that number again and I do see it.

3. Always wanted to buy a silver colour HP mini laptop but since had a MacBook didn't feel like buying (2 years back)

Some time back I was just looking at buying a back up 2nd hand 'window based' Laptop with no company in particular in mind and I got a deal and the best one I was offered was this silver colour HP that I used to desire some years back ….simply accidental.

And so on

Saidur Rahaman says:

People gives it many names, its no manifestation, hes just started a dasha which might correlate with occult houses or nakshatras which triggered intuitions in his mind, or is undergoing some transformation transits of planets, otherwise he wouldnt ever be interested in this sort of video at all, ask him to check his birth chart

senthil kumari says:

Hi Suyash nice to watch your video after long time. Please post success stories often.


Thank you again fo boosting my belief in LOA and myself????
as i totally lost faith in everything… thank u so much fo this ????????

Praise Bisht says:

Woah!! This is the inspiration I needed to raise my vibrations. Gratitude ????

Sneh Tripathi says:

Awesome success story, I have complete faith in the powerful abundance of universe, it makes my desires manifest quickly and easily now. Thank you dear universe. Thank you dear God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. ????????????????????

The Secret To a Happy Life says:

i have seen many small manifestions daily…maybe 20 or more…its amazing…universe always talks…

Sneh Tripathi says:

Thank you for the abundance of money, abundance of prosperity, abundance of success, abundance of love. I am grateful and happy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you dear universe. Thank you dear God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.????????????

The Secret To a Happy Life says:

yesterday only i thought about you and forgot it…today i saw your video in my new laptop where i haven't searched about your videos…its amazing…

Sneh Tripathi says:

I am grateful and happy for everything I have in my life now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you dear universe. Thank you dear God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.????????????????????

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