MANIFESTATION #143: ? LIFE COMPLETELY CHANGED in All Areas | Massive Law of Attraction Success

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Jereka Hunt says:

Hi Suyash. Thank you for sharing my story. It truly warms my heart to hear you repeat my words. I listen to each and every video you post and they serve as beautiful sources of inspiration as well as reminders of the power that I have Within. Even now, I needed a boost and knew your video would produce. Hearing my own words read back to me was a boost times ten! It also reminded me of exactly the technique I need to employ in order to meet the desired goals that I currently have. Thanks so so much! My cup runneth over. Blessings.

cute cakes says:

Hi suyash please help me …. I am unable to stay positive from past few months because of all the bad situations that occurred in my life… Earlier to that loa worked perfectly for me but now its not i know because I'm always negative these days. Please tell me how do i build my faith again.

Rishita Mall says:

To be able to bring yourself in that mode to actually use these LoA tools even when you are going through such a hard time is a BIG thing.. I wish everyone understood that there's nothing to lose in believing! I appreciation how she and her husband sailed through that time with a positive attitude.. Thank you for this wonderful success story Suyash!

abhishek aher says:

Best story ever, thanks for this story

Dr C B P Warrier says:

Suyash….. I want to know that can a mind will be changed in two or three days….. Pls answer me.

venkat krishnakumarr says:

The anecdote of the lady's is quite intriguing and thought provoking, it appears to be mystical but the power of manifestation lies in us if allurement for desire is eschewed and true spirit of belief ought to perpetual at all times with gratitude to the universe.

Arpit Agarhari says:

Is over visualisation give negative results??

san dhiya says:

Very inspirational..thank u

Manvi Saxena says:

Hi Suyash ….
I am applying writing technique..
do I need to do write daily..
If you can help

Cat Luck says:

Oh wow I saw this video in the morning it sure makes you feel good that something big is coming in your life thanks so much for all of you may all your dreams come true ???

Varsha Sawlani says:

Y jo hum always sochte h uska opposite hota h?

Strawberries Again says:

I wish I could subscribe everyday, that's how much I love your channel sir. Thank you so much for the dose positivity.

smitha vijay says:

verry good e mail i am also want a good houe in a good place also want to chane good school

P KUMAR says:

Will it work on Pubg I also believe in Law of Attraction

Neetu Soy says:

One more thing… I use to live alone cuz i did not had close friend, so my imaginary world was reality for me. So i don't know if i applied present tense to my thinking,but with my imagination i attracted two people in my life… One is my partner and the other is friend named "raj" as i always called my imaginary friend with this name only ?

Neetu Soy says:

I want to share something… Many years back when i was in school, i applied LOA without knowing about it. I use to imagine as i was a day dreamer kind of person that time ? i always look at the moon and imagine my partner like" mera partner esa hoga,uska naam "S" letter se hoga,wo lefty hoga,sari ladhkiyan fan hogi uski but he will always love me ?" and imagined him sitting in a white coloured bike and guess what… My wish came true ? he is exactly the same i use to imagine.

Sneh Tripathi says:

I am grateful and happy as I am listening an awesome success story inspiring my thoughts and manifestations. Thank you dear god. Thank you dear universe. ?

Sneh Tripathi says:

I am happy and grateful as I am living happy, healthy, romantic relationship. Thank you dear god. Thank you dear universe. ?

Sneh Tripathi says:

I am happy and grateful as I am experiencing success with law of attraction. Thank you dear god. Thank you dear universe. ?

استغفر الله 1 says:

Hello suyash. . i really struggle with visualizing..

Did u ever mention what country r u in?

Please explain more the scripting process .. Can I write all I want and my goals all together ? I write one goal so far by scripting .. I cant wiat for it to come true !! I wrote i am easily waking up at 4am to pray and start my day

Rim Jhim says:

Hi suyash.. I hv watched almosr all ur videos . Just want know can i manifest two or three intentions together . Is it possible .. Or just focus on one intention . Plz guide suyash?

Dolly Nawab says:

Thank you ?

Clementine says:

Who else liked before watching it


Thank You very much?

Dattatray Akhare says:

Thank you Sir ?

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