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Awesome AJ says:

This is an Excellent Technique, use it and share your results. ☑️Like, Share & Comment, if this video has inspired you. If you are new here Subscribe to my channel and join our Awesome Tribe. Join Our Powerful Programs here ?

Barik Manzoor says:

Sir… When u say the word Universe……….. Are u referring to God…

hemavikasparmar31 says:

Am new to ur videos…but getting addicted…really very good ,nice and clear explanation s…ty so much Can u plz suggest a manifestation for weight loss say like for 5kgs

mayuri sonawane says:

Hey AJ please tell me what should I do when I want to change my condition but I can't see its changing I can't imagine it's changing even I can't have that feeling that it's changing its only my brain who wants to change it but my heart still not supporting…

Shruti Kashyap says:

A.J sir thanku so much??pls sir this is my humble request to you sir pls make a video on height increase affirmation??plsssss sir hope you will reply me

Abhilash K Purushothaman says:

Thank you Aj
Thank you God
Thank you Universe

tippushan ve says:

Aj…. How i contact you….. I want u r help… Plz

Luan Loud says:

Yes ?Thanks awesome aj? I will try this and manifest my desire..thank you thank you thank you

Miss Shreya says:

Thankyou so much for the video sir…Yes yes yes Im trying it now as going to bed now!!!!!

Marianne Browne says:

I will try this technique ?

anu sundar says:

yes aj thank you thank you thank you?

vandana vashishth says:

I will try definitely

Moulisha Das Burman says:

Sir, I manifested my love and my dream job every day the way you explained.. but I failed in both of them and my crush treats me as an aquantance.. I cry almost everyday, if you are reading this, please tell me where am I doing wrong??

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