Manifest Anything You Desire l Law of Attraction Meditation Music l Asking The Universe

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Elixis 28 says:

Universe help guide me to attain what’s best for me in my highest self and vibration. Let my happiness shine and my love keep strong. Good finances is always appreciated. Thank you ??

KingPreNade says:

The universe is on my side

Miriam Elvira says:

Money comes to me quickly and effortlessly. Thank you universe for manifesting everything I desire ?

Princess Pussy says:


Tarlene Davis says:

I thank the universe for my new house and success in my new city. I declare it and so it is ??

Jaythegoon says:

The Universe will name me tonight

James Connor says:

Universe please help me get some boo tay

Xavier King says:

2024 Olympic here I come??????

Kona Kevin says:

Jesus, Thank You that we can pray directly to You, the Creator… not to the creation. Please open the spiritual eyes of each and every person who reads this commen. I pray that they are surrounded daily by people who testify of You Lord Jesus. Please make your presence known to all of them. Help them Lord to know that all they need to do is CALL UPON YOUR NAME and they will be saved. Ask Jesus to show you He is real… He will. I know for a fact that He will… He answered me. Blesssings to all of you!

mritunjoy saha says:

this sound very effective for heart and mentality that's why you get everything

KingPreNade says:

Universe please help me get my ex back

Nora Easter says:

Universe please send me my dream home now, I need to close on June 30, 2019. Thank you ?

c. k. says:

Please help me get the 'Blue Dolphin' for my children..and me to manage it for the next 15 years..and bring my parents and my dogs there to take care of them..!! and we all liven tohether..happily and healthy..for a longgggg time..!! many thanks.. 🙂

Eternal Present Music says:

Thank you for the calming vibrations! This will help many fall deep into their higher self and rejuvenate their soul for stronger balance. Great work and much love from the ETERNAL PRESENT ❤️

SuperDUB03 says:

I'm asking the universe for a financial blessing hopefully ? the lottery

백은경 says:

My dreams come true soon.
Thank you…universe

abdul choudhury says:

Universe please help make my desires true please

Tanya molina says:

I want to be healed my uterus ovaries everything restores take away and shrink anything that dont belong

Rajiv vm says:

Universe please give my supi back

Laura Manning says:

Dear Universe, Please assist in my little family and I getting to Indiana quickly and easily. And So It Is! Thank you, thank you, thank you?????‍♂️

Veronica Castaneda says:

To get my dream house for me and my big family by June 21st 2019???thank you universe

Anita Spencer says:

Universe please help my mother she suffers from TMJ pain. Please cure her pain make her the way she was before ??

anita sharma says:

Universe please help me get a dream job also for my sister too. Thanku so much!!

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