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April Starshine says:

I went through something similar… one of many magical concert stories i have…:P This concert was sold out.. One of my favorite bands.. someone happen to cover my shift.. So i drove the 2 hours anyway, with no ticket! hahaa.. so i get to the venue and i think to myself.. who should i shout this out to? The band themselves. So i message them saying the situation and i like a ticket and i surprisingly get a reply. The singer has a friend that her bf couldn't make it to the show. So she's got an extra ticket. Gives me her info and i message her.. i wait in line and then she shows up, we really hit it off. We get in..and then So i ask her how much i owe her for the ticket.. she says just give me $10 then turns around asks me if i want a drink from the bar. So that $10 got returned to me.. then next warm band is about to come on and she offers to buy me another drink and we eventually became friends. So yeahhh hahah was an amazing night! 😛

HatchetFam Entertainment says:

I once had a crush on this girl Natalie in the 7th grade. I never thought I was her type I was too shy to say anything to her, but she always caught me staring and looking away. This went on for a long time (months?) before her friends approached me in class asking if I liked her. This girl I didn’t like came to mind and I said no. I didn’t realize it till a few seconds later when they surrounded her and she began hyperventilating right there in class. It obviously wasn’t meant to be but it is a reminder that the energy we put out is shared between 2 people. You may even be feeling their love or even heartache, thinking it is your own. Try to stay positive and nurturing and do not interfere. If this sp is not receptive, then let them come to you and keep loving yourself and be happy with your daydreaming.

HatchetFam Entertainment says:

Somehow my love will just show up. I used to run into her in the hallway at work constantly. I will not go seeking her at her place of work. I will leave it to chance that I’ll just bump into her one day or she’ll get my number and contact me. Crazier coincidences have happened without my visualization of it

The Cool Girl Standard says:

So sorry about your Mom…. added to the emotion of this story. So now I’m currently listening to the GGD while helping my kids pack their overnight bags to stay at grandparents. Thanks Veronica, love you & your channel.

Kiowanna Edwards says:

@Veronica Isles…So True…I've DONE It…Plenty of Times…I Did This With One of My Favorite Actor's from Oprah Show "Queen Sugar. Its Filmed Down here in Louisiana…More North . I Live in a Completely Different Parish.I Said I Was Going to Meet I Didn't Know How are When. I Would Talk to My BFF about it. Smile Whenever He Would Come on the Screen. I Don't Have A Car or Money to Go to One of the Premier or Where They Were Filming. I Just Stayed in High Flying State of Belief. I BELIEVED it So Strong. My Friend would Call Me Whenever he Came on T.V." She would Tease Me and Say "There Go Your Man" Well one day I Walk Out My House to the Gas Station to Get Some Snacks…Guess who at the Gas Station getting Gas for his Car.My Favorite Actor from the Show. No Cameras,No big Production, No Fans of People. I Was COOL( Inside Im Fan Girling on the Inside). I asked him for a Picture. We took One Together with my Cell Phone. I Call my BFF and Told her she started SCREAMING I showed her the Picture. Lol She thinks I have Some Magical Powers

Stephanie Thornton says:

Great story and right on time
Just focus on the end result

Candace Cottom says:

Tell more manifestation stories

The Voice Of Bella says:

Girl this video is divine timing for me! I have been making “inspired action” the last 3 wks about a specific job I want and I’m “applying” in a way most wouldn’t. Every phone call I get I have been answering and expecting it to be one of the ppl I’ve reached out to. I haven’t had any of them call just yet but I know the call is coming. I’ll write back when it does ?❤️ thank you for this video!!!

Stephanie Perry says:

I have a weird story like this kinda. I got obsessed with the Fifty Shades of Grey books years ago because I had a broken heart and they were a distraction. I read the books over and over and over. I listen to them on my phone with my earbuds wherever I went. I listened to them while I was doing things around my house. I listened to them at work. I listened to them before bed and when I fell asleep! I just repeated them over and over. I just escaped into the books so much that I forgot my broken heart entirely! I’ve read the series over 120 times. Then one day my friend wanted me to come visit her in Los Angeles. Mind you, I live on the other side of the country in Virginia! We had met each other in Hawaii a few months earlier and both had the books in common! So, we made a plan and several months after that I was going to see her. I battled forever on where to stay while I was there. So many fancy hotels! Finally, I narrowed it down to two and last minute I chose. While there, I was invited to a movie premiere party with my friend and I look over and who do I see, but none other than E.L. James! The writer of the Fifty Shades Of Grey books! She was staying at my hotel! I freaked out! I went right up to her and talked to her. She was amazing! I just had to thank her for her books and tell her what they meant to me. I saw her throughout the week at the hotel and we spoke many more times and tweeted one another. She still periodically tweets me! This was long before I knew anything about LOA! But, it goes to show, what you focus on you manifest. I almost didn’t stay at that hotel. In fact, I booked myself at two other hotels before canceling them and staying at this one. I’m not rich, but I am focused and My thoughts were obviously fixed. Best manifestation story of mine! Can’t wait for more! ❤️

Parul Singh says:

You know what I totally agree with you!

Cary Barnes says:

What a fantastic story ?? thanks for sharing hon ? fantastic and gives us all belief like heck ✊️ namaste ?

pretty girl says:

Great story Veronica!! I remember entering a competition to see a artist that i like.Never usually enter these things, tho something said to go for it, I not only was one of a handful that won a ticket, but I got to meet them and have a photo with them too!!

Seattle Red says:

Thanks! ? this is truly inspiring.

Evilkitty64 says:

? this story! Amazing

monia garramone says:

Thank you Veronica, thank you universe, this video is so inspiring. ❤️?

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