Manifest a SPECIFIC PERSON despite all obstacles – Law of attraction

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Marina Kolic says:

Hi everyone! Im sorry for bothering but can somebody give me an advice for making this work please? I really tried a lot of methodes to get my person attracted to me, from subliminals to this, but it never works, and i keep telling myself that it works but it just doesnt:( So if anyone can tell me or suggest me something please do that I really love him with my whole heart🥺
Ps I hope every one of u gets your results and has a long lasting relationship❤️

Bebemimi L says:

I have too ask what do you do when your friends don’t believe you can get your sp back, and every time you say positive intentions and believe that it will happen, they think you’re being obsessed and delusional, I try ignore and tell them other wise but it just causes tension

TracyG83 says:

Thanks Veronica!! So good to remember! ❤️

meenakshi chauhan says:

222 comment

vivian montgomery says:

Thank you I need this encouragement. I feel like I'm on the right track. I mean my ex and I are talking again but it's not like before where he was so into me we are just friendly. I certainly don't want to be just his friend. Anyway I know it doesn't matter what the obstacle is everything can change in a blink. I don't mind waiting for the right moment for us to be together again…but it is hard at times.

Black Republican says:

Your pretty

Shaked Bar-Tal says:

Hi Veronica, I like to know if it passable to manifest a specific person that you already know leaving a toxic abusive relationship and instead being with you. I've been talking on and off with a very young lady Whom I like a lot she also likes me. I work as a delivery driver and she works in a restaurant so I saw her before but only talked for a few minutes while waiting for my order to be ready. I decided to messaged her back in August to check on how she was feeling? Since she was sick at the time. We had a great first week of talking on IG then I find out that she has a boyfriend. Which she told me that this guy is abusing her physically and emotionally. We have been talking on and off on IG unfortunately her psychotic abusive has moved in with her back in October he is stalking this poor girl coming with her to work doesn't let her have any sort of freedom or right. Unfortunately this crazy psychotic guy has took over her phone and has blocked me from messaging her on IG. She told me as little as 3 weeks ago that she want to be with me but she is scare of him. She has known me for over a year and she has been with this crazy abusive guy since November of 2018. Is it passable even though I am blocked from communicating with her. To manifest that she has dump this guy and that messaged me that she want us to start dating very soon?

Betsy says:

This is just what I said. I know SenoraRona is a zero third party obstacle to manifest my specific person and better financial situation.

Ellie says:

Can I still manifest my SP if he is famous? I truly love him for who he is not because he is "famous".

Jesse Taylor says:


Camilla says:

I need to be calm and in high vibration to manifest something. But the issue is whenever I am calm I feel happy and content and don't desire anything. I'm in "I don't care" zone at the time. Then how do I visualise and manifest at that time?

Nancy Lynch says:

Thanks Veronica! Much love 💕😊

J H says:

This was great. Before watching this video today by SP popped up on my Facebook messenger and I thought about texting him, using the Corona as an excuse. Then I said to myself, no, he’ll text you. Two hours later guess who texted to ask how I’m going during this crisis! We have not spoken since October. I laughed and thought, it may have taken an apocalyptic virus for him to resurface, but who am I to question the “how”. 😂

Sherelak Holmes says:

Thank you so much … 🌼🌼🌼

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