Make Law of Attraction Work @ Night | Rituals & My Jeffy Pillow

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Dia Harvey says:

I’ve been doing jeffy pillow for a while (without the name lol) This is comforting. A tiny part of me was like am I being delusional, but I usually let that thought go. Love your content! ❤️

Αγγελικη Αρμενοπουλου says:

I am doing this for 2 months now. But when i get up in the morning I'm feeling worst because I'm realize that my husband isn't here with me.I'm feeling more loneliness. What can you do if you are practically separate from your husband because he told you that he's no longer in love with you but he loves you and he can't be on a relationship right now? And Tell's you that he tries by himself he doesn't want any help and if he saw that he can be on a relationship with me he will tell me and if i want to have a conversation with him then.if i don't, he understands because I have made so much passion for us?l want my old husband, he was so loving and caring with me.He was almost perfect. Now he's someone else, he's been bad with me, he's doing only what he likes and the crazy thing,is that he knows that! And he's telling me that is not good for me. I don't deserve this acts and situation. So he lives.!I think that he does not want me any more in his life.He is just over me.

princess n says:

Did u date while u were apart ?

Dr Goddess Mona Spiritual Sexologist says:

Thank you for sharing that and I had no idea I was already doing what you’re talking about using the pillows and imagining that it’s my husband he did bring my ex back but I realize that he was just stagnant vibration lingering around and then I’m going to use it to attract someone who actually loves me and wants to marry me. Thank you again

lovely life fortunes says:

Adrienne thank you so much for this Live and for recording it and sharing some more of your story. I can't wait to be in your program soon! This video made me 110% sure I will benefit and enjoy your programs because I already love your content and connect with you. I am curious about whether or not you answer questions via email to your customers if they get confused about something or need more support? Thanks again for this inspiring talk!

Dee D says:

I think you should contact Mike Lindell and get the My Jeffy Pillow mass produced 😂

Kristina Norman says:

Love this video! Was there ever a time where you stopped manifesting your husband, before he became your husband? I remember hearing you say you two grown up the 3rd time after he said he didn’t want to marry you.

shebeatsbeauty ! says:

I already hail marryed and hes been contacting me, but now its been 3 days… nothing. I'm not going to contact him again, cant keep reaching out

Sophie Drakkar says:

😮 my jaw just dropped when you mentioned that you use to envisioned conversations with your future partner and that he would talk about going out biking … and then when you reconnected with him he had actually picked up that as a hobby!!! Mind blown 🤯! Thanks for sharing that Adrienne that makes the message resonate so much more and makes it so much more real!

Goodwill Bunny says:

OK, I'll start hugging an extra pillow tonight! You are an inspiration. Thank you for this video. Grandma B

Jessilyn Tacorda says:

Love this! 17 seconds, actually. 😊

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