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ThereIsHope says:

You are so lovely. I have watched you and every time you make me so happy. You are the only one I have notifications for. I have now happened to change my specific person 2 times, and I realize that is totally ok! I can be with anyone I want any time I want and I do not judge myself. What's crazy is what you said about us always manifesting all the results up until now: so when I was manifesting my 2nd specific person, out of nowhere this guy messages me: he is younger than me, looks like a magazine model physically, tall, lean, perfect abs, Italian, elegant sense of style, and starts pursuing ME! He can't stop saying how beautiful I am, how much he is attracted to me physically and mentally. I have always wanted to be pursued, that was my main thing, so now he writes me every day, sometimes first thing as he wakes up, his level of passion is huge, which is another thing I wanted. He longs for me. I love this. I guess I manifested the essence of him and he showed up. I love myself. I feel better than ever. Yesterday I tried on a bunch of new pants and I am down yet another size! My skin is smooth and firm. I feel sexy. I tell myself this is exactly what I always deserved, this is what I am worth, this is how I should be treated. My goal now is to let go of all residual neediness and worry so that even if he doesn't write me one day, I am so secure and in love with myself that it can be no other way but in the perfect way I want it too.

Janet Roberts says:

Thank you Veronica glad you enjoyed the show called 'Take Me Out ' that's a great story I think that girl manifested getting her ex back how great was that on a TV show too I manifested the man i love to com back into my life but I had completely forgotten about it. I hadn't seen him for years then there he was at a funeral I was attending. I had recently told my friend how I had to turn him down years ago after he had disappeared then turned up when I was about to get married to someone else. We both have partners but I am hopeful we are drawn to each other and I know he is the one.

Renee Oc says:

Can you do a video to encourage someone to remain faithful to you?

Mandy Nuttall says:

Oh we love this show in the UK! Take me Out with Paddy McGuiness, it is really lighthearted and fun. So amazing that the couple got together again on there lol. I'll look out for it on catch-up. You're looking beautiful Veronica xx

Κατερίνα Χατζòγλου says:

Well,Veronica I m new here, and I love to hear from you.
Please, I need your help. Married for 20 years, my husband left me 3 months now. Leaves in another country, I m alone with 2 children, they are so upset and sad (one child kidney problem), very difficult for us. No communication with my husband. I don't want beg him, I did before. I want him back, it is crucial to come back for all of us.
We need him as things getting difficult but apart from that I love him very much. Please help me what to do. You are an expert!!!
Waiting for your answer!!! Thank you very much.

Maya S says:

When manifesting a SP back Is this 100% or is there a chance they will not even come back. Because What happens if your doing all the things to get them back but they dont want the same thing. Like how long do you carry on doing all the visualising and affirmations of being with this person… example if i was to do this and its gone like 5months or something does that mean that my sp dont want to come back.
I dont really understand this free will, if everyone has there own free will then it would be my sp free will to choice to want to be back with me or not.

M says:

Veronica all these men are asking me to hang and giving me attention but I want NONE of them. I want this attention from my sp 🙁 I don’t care about these other dudes. How to deal with these frustrations? What type of positive things could I tell myself? I hadn’t talked to my sp in a year, despite receiving a “wave” from him on on Facebook a few months ago lol

Anuja Chaudhary says:

PleSe use mic ur voice is less audible

darkliter8 says:

I thought "being Needy" was bad in females eyes…. Must only happen out here in Californication.

Lily L says:

Great video thank you. But what does it have to do with making someone obsessed over us? And you didnt mention the steps. I like the video and the story but it was off the topic. Thank you.

masso172 says:

30 seconds in and they text me…. What in the world??

Dolores Johnson says:

Literally keep fighting in and out with my ex. I’m honestly annoyed and don’t care so maybe that might help them coming back lol. Seriously exhausting ????

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