Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet! | Bob Proctor | #Mindset2020

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Proctor Gallagher Institute says:

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Ondřej Absolon says:

Interesting is that i call my selfdevelopment path like my rainbow path (past 3/4 yr), since that i meet rainbow everywhere i "come", or drag it to me with law of gravity. Btw i like that sunshine in video at 3:45 ! 🙂

Tim Hutt says:

I am very excited about this, it brings me great joy knowing this man lived just a town over from me. It’s inspirational

Raj kumar says:

I am relly excited to 13dec ☺☺💪

Kira Hengevoss says:

I would love to participate, but my semester ends December 15th. Is slightly belated participation welcome?

SpaSource says:

I'd like to register for the webinar. None of the links are working

bethany Siir says:

I love this video! Bob can we download the mindset 2020 Exercise booklet ? ☺️

Reem Productions says:

Keep it up bobby thanks for the fresh uploads

Nico Moreno - Make Money Online says:

Thanks so much for the awesome video Bob🔥 This will definitely help me grow my Online Business and Manifest Money way faster! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

Chris Desatoff says:

I’m already signed up. See you then👍🙂

Lisa Webb says:

Thank You Universe…I am excited and looking forward to a New Year..New Decade. Releasing the old and preparing for the new. 💜

Neil Noble says:

I'm £1,600 in debt. I would like a bank account of £15,000. Can I do this ?

Michael Hassen says:

I love You for That You Guys BOB & Sandy….i hope i have saved my business till then so i could adjust watching you LIVE to get the best IMindset2020… You ROCK….Michael Hassen

W.M. MaGustavo says:

When we do what we are passionate about, what brings us most joy and peace – we enter the vibrational frequency of abundance and this is where we receive and discover the energy and information required to manifest our dreams and become our greatest version. Thank you

Adya Dixit says:

Yes…yes…yes….we will work together to make this year 2020 the best year.

faarax samatar says:

2020 will be millionaire

Erika K says:

2020 is the start of a new decade and now is the time to set intentions, to let go of what no longer serves and change your mindset to create the reality that you want ! All is possible !!!!

Adil C says:

whaaaaat this is epic

Dhiego Borges says:

Place subtitles in the videos for Portuguese please

Allahabad Top 5 says:

I registerd it

Gloria Acuna Velasquez says:

I am so thankful to you Bob forever! I created Empowering Mummies and I am changing my life forever! From fleeing from domestic violence, homelessness, I walked over fire! i reborn from ashes now I'm not only surviving but thriving! I am in helping other mums to be empowered to achieve their dreams! I have amazing testimonials, I help them to unleash their Inner Powers,. not only about goals but with the right alignment and guidance they can heal themselves as well from any health problem, physical, mental or emotional. Yes! all is POSSIBLE!!

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