Magnetizing What You Want From the Quantum Field – Law of Attraction

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Your Youniverse says:

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el juaco says:

El vídeos favoritos del uno de los vídeos que el ayuwoky aprueba

Tatchy Green says:

THIS IS AMAZING!!! ❣️?? ??

Mar Rez says:

Very enlightening

Mário AZevedo says:

CONGRATULATIONS, Jess!! A very enlightening and uplifting video, with basic I could say day to to day explanation about an extremely powerful and hidden habilities we all have so that everyone can understand!!!! ? ? ?

Sandra Borjesson says:

Thank you for this very inspiring video.??

Kermit Washington says:

Good work on this one. ?

xlrouge says:

How to know what you want?
I feel I repress so hard my true desires that I only see a distorted reflection of them and cannot be sure if those are the real thing or just a mirage.
Do I have to deeply listen to my unconscious before knowing what I want?

Grand Lake Paranormal Society says:

Amazing video! Ask, believe and receive!

Anita Carter says:

Stay focused on the good and the positive… And learn to let go of what no longer serves you…. ✨?✨

Lit E says:

This is genius, mostly others talk about, Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions as some abstract thing which no one really understands.

Finally refreshing to get a simple explanation on inner worlds activities

Theta Kongpancake says:

I feel like I have learned this many times before but your words and pictures are hitting home for me Now. Thank You 🙂

Crystal Enlightened says:

I can truly say this works for me everyday of my life! I am living my wildest dreams. It still surprises me in a wonderful way every time I attract another desire. It takes a lot of practice and dedication but when it starts working it is incredible!!

Carlos martinez-campos says:

Today is the time feel better yesterday was good too leave the bad behind.

Róbert Nagy says:

mvel én 39 éves vagyok ezen nem kell változtatnom és nem vagyok 10 éves és nem is voltam és nem is leszek :))) törötek csak ti vagytok :))) és lesztek :))))))) kár hogy nem jártok sikkerrel :))))))

617envy says:

Remember not everybody is meant to make it for a reason

Nick Wilkinson says:

The best explanation of this concept that I've ever heard! Great job!

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