Letting Go in Law of Attraction

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Richard Brook says:

Ah finally, summat that makes some sort of sense! I've been following the progress of the "Law of Attraction" for around thirteen years without manifesting a button. How many times did I just want to walk away and consign this bollocks to the recycle bin under the file name "Philosophical Dustbin"? Why did I not do that? I dunno but I suppose one of the reasons was that there were so many interpretations and contradictions …even if I did not believe, I wanted to know who was right and who was wrong or even if they were both wrong! So I kept on clicking on the links and it got even more complicated …but still I could not walk away…now ,I wanted to debunk it as a myth. I thought it was dangerous..as dangerous as a belief in any other religion. Why should I care? Well I wouldn't were it not for the fact that I have a daughter who is 16 years old and I owe it to her to do due diligence or at least try to work out what the frick is going on!
So, what is going on? It seems to me that the "Law of Attraction" has taken on a sort of quasi-cult status. What do I mean by that? Err..well..to be honest I don't really know! Anyway here is what I think I know and I could be wrong: The "Law of Attraction" is a belief system which doesn't really differ from any other religion in that it requires faith and trust and hope. So why should I believe in it or any other relgion for that matter? I'm being told all the time that there is scientific proof of how the "Law of Attraction" works. I've yet to come across any. Of course there is plenty of anecdotal stories masquerading as evidence and I'm not here to dispute them or their veracity but they don't scientifically prove anything.I'm not sure where that leaves me ,other than just as confused as I was before!

Wissale Ch says:

I like your channel a lot since you have a realistic tone in your videos but I still have some questions regarding the 5×55 method:
1- Since 5×55=25×11 . Can I do my affirmations 25 times for eleven days since 55 days like you advise in your videos seems too long for me and the 5 days format sometimes tedious.
2- Let's say I have multiple strong desires, can I do multiple 5×55 at the same period , one for each desire ?
3-Is it more beneficial for the affirmations to be realistic and specific or vague and open (especially about money).
Hope your channel continues to grow 🙂

chris broni says:

Could you do one on trusting the process usually when it gets to running out of money i start to panic then doubt its working

Neha Daksh says:

I want to win a competition that's coming in a week. Could you please suggest me an affirmation. thank you ☺

chel Blr says:

Nice…though most of it has been spoken about in your other videos..meditation gratitude serving others etc. What's your opinion on not using any methods at all because universe will give you what you want sooner or later as soon as you set the intention? Why are there so many methods then? Dont those keep you grounded and aligned?
Also the book time for chit chat etc…is this on a paid basis?
Thanks for all that you do. I'm grateful once again to have found your channel?

Ss says:

Thank you very much … yes the language of universe is Feelings. Magnificent video Unlimited thanks….

Anandhu Rajan says:

How to feel the emotion of POWERFULL

Vicky S says:

I have experienced when I give up on my manifestations, few things happen such as detachment of the outcome, absence of neediness, no expectations and emotionally independent. I love to have it but without it I am good, I am good whether it happens or not. Is it true “giving up” and “trust and living in the end as it already happened” are in the same type of frequency?

Emmerson Aquino says:

I am recently trying on how to let go but since you said it doesnt matter when you already feel the outcome while doing the techniques! I will stick on what I already felt because it feels good haha. Thank you

iBB0 says:

I think i just manifested a 1cm growth since i just grew taller right after i used some loa techniques, and i was kinda worried that it would stop since i was thinking about it much (in a positive manner tho) so thanks for the videoooo

troba sheila says:

Wonderful video
Thank you

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