Let It Go! | Bob Proctor

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Odair Santana says:

Bop Proctor, quando vir você falar pela primeira vez, sabia que você sabia o que eu queria saber.

Kris W. says:

Thank you, sir. ??

Tomáš Babušík says:


Tony Lee says:

Just had some more bad news about an ongoing negative situation and this video came into my life. This video has shown me the light and lifted my soul. Thank you so much.

Franklin Francis says:

He didn't sing let it go???

Alan Mesh says:

What a powerful massage. Now I know i am the only person to solve my problem in this universe .Ever love Mr proctor

jackie ho says:

Very true thanks for the reminder

Ultimate Psychology says:

"Don't hold on to anything that's not serving you."

Nitin Patil says:

Thank you, Sit

uompia says:

thank you Bob from North of Italy

Irene Venkatesh says:

Exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you so much! ?

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