Law of Attraction: Three Things That Can Stop You From Manifesting

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slim jim says:

Hey I have use this method n it got me the apt tht I wanted thank u

Raj Dhaliwal says:

This has 11 hours ago and 1.1 K views 11s

Slade Labuschagne says:

I'm am going to manifest my ideal relationship … it will work!

Naokijt says:

Hey Amber, I love your videos so much. I was wondering if you could make a video on how to manifest a person in your life? Not an ex or anyone that you've had a relationship with, just a person you've met once or twice that you'd like to have a relationship with. Thanks, I love your videos. ?

Marianne Browne says:

I am grateful to have found you

R says:

Make that video about the game you play when you want to manifest money!

R says:

The reason i think you’re the best Law of Attraction Youtuber is because you give examples. When people give examples it really helps me get the hang of it better. thank you

Smoove Ke says:

This is so helpful!

Smoove Ke says:

I’m manifesting my
Chrysler 200
Limited edition

Amy Ring says:

How do you stop looking at your desires as big things? That's my issue. I get it that you should let go but that's pretty much impossible in my brain I've tried for months and months to just let it go…but it always still pops up in my head that what I want still ain't here and makes me want it more and more. It's like a never ending cycle!

Shaleik Higgs says:

Thank you Amber for the beautiful video and advice ?

josh reed says:

Im angry towards my cousin and his wife for lieing on me and manipulating my ex from me.. will this negative keep me from manifesting my ex back? I have dropped all contact from my family due to this situation. But i still hold angry for them 2 … my ex is my main goal end result i dont care bout my family that did started this

Lornie Red Wine David says:

Thanks for sharing great advice

Kenya McWhorter says:

Do you know that you are not looking directly into the camera? It looks like you’re looking off to the side. Just making you aware of this. ?

Bridgette Swenson says:

Thank you very much for sharing!

Kenya Camp says:

U are truly on point! Thanks for the positive vibration ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐??

Lilia Simon says:

Thank you much love

Wendy Rolle says:

Love watching you. You have such high energy. Hoping to get like that.

fish chicken says:

First , thanks love gal for this ?

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