Law of Attraction Technique That WORKS FASTER Than Scripting For Me

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meme M.J says:

Yes u r right !
I remember the difference , the time I speak it happens fast

A. Clarke says:

Question: what are your thoughts on scripting then reading out loud what was written?

cutiepie C says:

You radiate so much positive vibes ????☺☺☺.. Love

Magick Woman says:

Ok I found this video for a reason ?

Nicole Eivissa says:

Thank you!! I don’t like scripting tbh? I’m highly “audible person” I’d say (I love everything about music/vocals literally), and although I like to write/text, I don’t like scripting things into a journal, it’s just not my favorite technique whatsoever ? And this came like a confirmation I will do even manifesting in the audible way instead of writing down! ?

Animal Lover says:

Thank you ??

Anuska Mohamed says:

Both work for me


I manifest rent money ?

Nelli M says:

Your videos helped me manifest a brand new car ! You are so amazing ! Thank you so much ❤️

Serena Quaye says:

The power of speaking out loud is out of this world! I told my gfs about it before but I doubt they got what I was trying to say. This is how I shop. Whenever I enter a store, for example, Walmart I speak out loud the items I’m looking for. Just like that, my body walks me down the isle, put me right infront of the products I’m looking for. Sometimes I would say, ‘pls help me find x,y,z and immediately something says turn around. The stuff would be right behind me the moment I turn around. It’s the most freaking incredible thing I have ever experience

Sometimes saying out loud ‘great opportunities’ always come my way. Bum the moment I check my email someone had send me a great job offer. I don’t always act on them, however, they work like magic

I give thanks to my higher self, universe, spirit because saying things loud works. There’s a guy from my past I called into existence with my mind. He probably thinks he’s the one doing it but it’s me. I don’t want to hear me him. Ive kept him at bay with my thoughts. When I’m ready, I would call him bk with my mind. That’s if I want to

The stuff works. Simply believe. It’s works

Mohan7 says:

Do you talk in present tense or past tense??

Mohan7 says:

I love you, I love you, I love you??????. Universe send me this video just in time !!!???

Wilson Wilson says:

So you can feel other people's anxiety? That could explain a whole lot 4 me

Ricki McFarland says:

You help to keep me in check mentally. Thank you for that. I was just about to Lounge about and take a nap but now I'm going to get my ass up and clean up my place and envision my new place in California

Sam says:

So if I’ve been seeing 11:11 a lot does that mean what I’ve been asking for is on its way?

babyboi1971 says:

Thanks sista i am going to try this,love all of your videos and i have the blueprint that you created it is amazing.

Charla Hammond says:

Great video! I manifest quickly when I declare it verbally as well ? Luv ur channel ❤️

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