Law of Attraction Success for Complete Beginners: Little Kid's LOA Secret in 5 minutes!

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Ss says:

Very smart boy.?very cute like his parents. I am sure he will be a master of manifestations soon.⚘⚘?✌??.we are manifesting the feelings ,the vibrations,not the words or sentences. We visualize the dream with every minute details. Then we feel it and easily manifest it. We missed George ??.

Burqa Goulding says:

Hes so cute

N B Raghu says:

You made my blissful thank you so much

N B Raghu says:

You are soo cute????????

Priya Srinath says:

So much maturity! Kudos ?

Taj Kumar says:

???very nice !!?????☺☺??

Neelaj Suman says:

You seem so proud of him lol that's so cuteeee

Dreams Warp says:

Awesome video! Why wasn't I invited? haha! I think I was folding laundry in the bedroom. 😉

possitive thinkers says:

Nice to hear it

akshaya t says:

??its true..ask like an adult..believe like a child.

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