Law of Attraction Secrets – Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 153

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Murray Saucedo says:

Meh I don’t care about all this self help new age woo woo wah wah manifestation crap any more. I just live my life but it’s funny to see this channel and how it makes fun of the so called guru scam artists out there keep it up!

Floxxoror says:

Why not work on: Why the fuck does entitled me want to be something special with great goals in life and a meaning that is recognized by others….. oh wait i get it.need for recognition…..Or: Why would I buy this stupid book after i fell for other similarly stupid books with just as stupid promises?

ArtIsDead says:


theinfinitecup says:

Your chakras are not even aligned bro

Toby Wilson says:

This is boring. This is just JP acting like JP, but there’s no real comedy twist. I know, the truth hurts.

Gandoff2000 says:

I confess, my step daughter had it rough. I never gave her a charge card. She threatened to call family services when her mom and I refused. This really happened and she was serious. 🙂

Vid Adorno says:

Lmao the add was for a meditation channel subscription called Gaia. Only $0.99 to sign up lol

Lisa Bowers says:

I bet Hal never thought he'd be pitching his book from a bathtub. ?

Keith Finley says:

That's not an equation.

Lisa Bowers says:

I get your 3 minute ad before every one of your videos. Every. Single. Time.

Buuuut, I watch them because I'm afraid of offending Ginger Jesus. ??

Olm Stranger says:

Uh, that was confusing. AwakenWithJP advertisement before the actual video? That felt awfully meta.

JBG Art says:

JP’s mom is so adorable

Raccoon Records says:

hahahahaha. JP > JC

Keith Nelson says:

is Hal the love child of Tony Robins?

Monica R says:

Momma did a GREAT JOB!!! ???? Thank you for the laugh!! …I needed it!! ????❣️?

Corinne Star says:

Action + vision = closer to success. But I laughed cause some people really are stupid enough to believe you can just have a vision with no action and get success. With action and belief, my vision board has worked – but it’s partially because I had a lot of those goals in the first place and am already working on them ?

Megan says:

I’m dying to know, what did the conversation go like when the bathtub scene was first proposed?

Anna Pyatkova says:

It’s the law of attraction not the law of action ???

Winter White says:

I feel superior, having recognized grammatical errors.

M. J. says:

Omg the miracle con man is legit ?. I wonder what the stats are on those that can actually make it work and those that end up committing suicide from this crap.
So many people try all this manifesting woo woo and end up worse off even though they truly believed and tried. Testimonials are out there. Oh well…

oober goober says:

Ok this was really weird.

Apollo 6 says:

If we put a picture of you on our vision board, will you come visit us in Ohio?

Stand Proud says:

truely inspiring. thank you JP

Stand Proud says:


mlg,m411 says:

Sounds like my sister

Kade Sweenhart says:

That was some good suicide fuel.
I should reach my goal of being dead by 2020.

TaosDad31 says:

That has to be your real Mom. You look just like her mannerisms and all!
Well except for the beard. Oh and she’s good looking.

Katie An says:

Bath water lol??

Jay Case says:

Top 5 Sears.
Say Hi to the Z crew bruh

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