Law Of Attraction One Minute Manifestation Tips #8 – Your Youniverse Series | The Secret

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Your Youniverse says:

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Douglas Wallace says:

A lot of people come into L.. O. A, wanting to manifest money or a car or a job. And those are perfectly legitimate and worthy of the effort. But I could not relate to those goals. So I employed the various techniques for what I wanted.
This is a major VICTORY in my life ! !

Douglas Wallace says:

"Tribe" member wants to know………..
Does it matter that I was under the effects of drugs at the time of my happy & successful moment ? ? Memories of the scene are strong and vividly detailed, easy to capture again and again !

Piya Lee says:

How to use law of attraction to change career

Jeffrey Pajarillo says:

So spectacular Jessica! ???

Hold the Vision!!!
Trust the Process!!!

Onthehill says:

I love this! Of course I love everything on this channel!?Happy Manifesting everyone!

Vandana Raghavan says:

Perfect… In certain cases i still struggle to visualise. Am going to try this. Thank u Jessica ❤️??

Cathy Constable says:

This sounds fun. Excited to start. ?

skulkadin says:

Hey all! I'll share a technique that came to me while in meditation.
a) Don't think, just feel that everything that ever was and ever will happen
is happening now. (the ol' 'Be Here Now')
I mean really feel that you are sitting in the middle of it all, past and future and know
that the now is all there is. All this (past, present and future) is happening now.
b) Also realize and feel that all of this is God.
c) from this state of mind you can 'create' or fine tune your reality.
If you like this "Your Youniverse" feel free to make a vid on it.
note: this is how I meditate, to be here in the moment to know that all
moments in all of time in all dimensions are happening now and
there is no past, no future….. Yet all is effecting all and it is all
connected. I feel it, I don't think it!
Good luck all

Chris Carter says:


Justin Bee says:

These one minute videos are more powerful than some one hour videos. This is STRAIGHT meat and potatoes.

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