Law of Attraction Money Tip

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Ripples Of Life says:

On point! I can see this in my daily life. Alot has changed since I changed my mindset. PS: here is one more who misses your old intro! LOL

B AR says:

Best channel on YouTube !!!

Rajesh Jaiswal says:


Allie S. says:

Hey Andrea…
Sorry this is off topic. I'm addressing you bcs you've answered me before on that topic a few months ago. I have chronic pain and did a withdrawal from 6 years of tramadol in April. Unfortunately I couldn't cope well enough with the pain (mostly neuropathic) and ought not to take the over the counter stuff bcs of Crohn's disease (using ibuprofen triggered a flare up in October), I got hydromorphone from my gp 2 months ago. It doesn't help as well as the tramadol and is also addictive. I tried to get rid of it but the constant pain is unbearable. My gp suggested painkiller stickers now… What would you suggest? For going back to tramadol i'd have to change gp bcs she wouldn't prescribe me that anymore. Please help.

Luis Antonio Diaz Lozada says:

Great tip from you Andrea.very useful.thank you and happy new year.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✋🏻✋🏻🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️

Neo universe says:


Neo universe says:

People don't want money they want what money gives emotionally and that is choice and they want choice because they feel trapped, so when a person heals why they feel trapped thy open themselves up to choice and more importantly freedom within, then all needs are met and there is no longer any need to escape or follow such channels.

Șerban says:

I did this automatically, but thanks for the original content.

Annunaki Band says:


Pulkit Kohli says:

Hey Andrea, what if the amount they are asking from you is too big? How do you tackle it?


Hate to be that person.. but thought you might appreciate it in the long term. You spelt"a·bun·dance" incorrectly in your screenshot 😯

Kristina Michelle says:

Thanks Andrea! 💜✨🙏🔮

Zack James says:

Merry Christmas !

Christina Schmidt says:

Whatif you actually dont have any cash and your one of the people that need? What would be acceptable especially when you "WANT" to give ? Can you see in your mind doing from your mind? That is about where I am at this time. Thank you Andrea Happy New Year

Mo Nete says:

Great advice. I also noticed that I still hold that belief of lack, but it's definitely not as strong as it used to be, so I never donate or buy anything when I feel bad. Instead I say to myself 'It's not the right time to do it. I will do it when I'm in better mood'' and when I feel good (even if it's 10 mins later) I buy or donate and it makes me feel EVEN better.
Couple of days ago I donated to a girl who's at risk of losing home and I didn't even think of the consequences. I actualy thought ''I have enough to help you.'' and donated immediately. I hope that very soon I will get more and more comfortable in trusting that more is always coming. have a great day <3

Jeanne DeSilver says:

Andrea, you are so pleasant just watching you raises my vibrations!

Judy Neptune says:

OMG I did this too!!!! Since working every day with the LOA through meditation and visualization i attractet thousands of euros into my life!!! I did a video on this on my channel judy neptune, I just love this technique!! People in the comments don't believe me and think I am lying, but really, when you change your mindset, everything around you changes as you want to!!

- Paladin - says:

Great advice! Thank you. I see you went from 12k to 13k subs. Congrats!

Keken Chhetri says:

Great tip , Andrea. It really is a mirror. I had this situation pop up occur during the holiday season. So many on the street asking for money. I had a state of flow for some and not others. Don’t know why lol. I don’t want to just give to anyone though. I think about this a lot.

LCNWA says:

Well I go w/ what results of info states $ goes to causes as stated in research done on non profits. I Learned the hard way. I Have faith but been burned especially during holidays. If you donate online on fb you will get everything under the sun on your profile. So I turned that off too. So donate diff way where $ goes where I know it will go to cause that needs it. Fires, hurricanes etc.

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