Law of Attraction Meditation for Manifesting Your Day (Works Like Magic)

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Aaron Doughty says:

Hey Everyone! Here is the raise your vibration meditation that I mentioned in the video. I think you guys will find it powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡

LUX LandM says:

It sounds like a good strategy to overcome the good old procrastination LOL. Just set an intention for one of the numerous daily tasks. One at a time before resistance starts to build up.

joeltl25 says:

Great vid again. I was wondering something totally different. How much does Astrology have to do with the LOA?

Maren Heinig says:

What's the meaning of the mandala on your shirt Aaron?

Andre L. Vaughn says:

Aaron, I'm definitely gonna give it a shot. This is SO helpful and I can't wait to implement in the morning and do so consistently.

John Mendoza says:

Trying it tonight. Thanks bro.

bernadette loughlan says:

Hi Aaron I have just done the meditation with intentions for tomorrow. Before I found this I had made a list of things to do Monday 13th August, now with your guidance I feel injected with more energy to make my day go more efficiently and smoothly. Gaining confidence to be able to fit more in. Have ability to work through my tasks speaking to strangers is easier now I have this energy boost of I can do it and the out come is great. I think I can make more good no great changes by seeing it first also seeing the great outcome too makes sense to me. Many thanks love Light and Laughter Love be xox Namaste

xVvix xnNix says:

Tomorrow I will wake up at 8am and do 10 mins of EFT and 15 minutes of yoga.Then I will take a shower and have breakfast.After I will go to my Drs appointment and after go shop for groceries and maybe a smart tv if i can find a cheap one.then ill go back home and have a salad and go to the gym.Tomorrow will be a productive day!

Patience Blackweii says:

What if what you imagined didn't happen? What if the opposite happened and it was negative? That happened to me recently

Crystalline View says:

Yaaay! Lets flow in that magic!!! Its the perfect time right now!!! 💫💫💫💫

Beckie Annabell says:

Excited to try this!! 🙏😇

Florian says:

Thank you 🙂

DANI says:

So powerful! I started segment intending last week and I found myself laughing when things didn’t go as planned! Def heightens the vibration 🙏🏼🎈☺️

Brian Frese says:

I start with meditation and exercise, transition into listening to a 20min Steve Nobel meditation video as I shave & shower for the day. Intentions and affirmations starting the work day and throughout. Try to take two minutes at 11:11am to focus on something specific. Approximately a 15 minute meditation power nap at lunch if at home. Maybe a little reading initially after getting in bed. And pre-sleep focus revision and visualization before drifting into sleep. 🙏💞

Vince Mozie says:

Great video as always. I am hoping you can create a video that explains the difference between prayer, meditation, visualization, and affirmations and how you utilize them. Thanks In advance.

ahmad vakilijamil says:

Hi and thank you very muck

abby says:

Thank you Aaron. I always cry in these meditations. I truly intent good and positive things coming my way.

SCFlowers says:

Thank you for all you do! I have gained so much from your videos. Synchronicities everywhere!!! Love, light and peace to you!!!!

Sarah Mikola Rasch says:

So cute when you meditate! 😊🙏😍

Aravind J says:

Hey Aaron Please please reply back. I am awaiting ur reply. I am trying to replace a negative thought with a positive thought. In doing so I feel up with the positive thought for few days and then later on the same old thought starting to occupy my mind and I'm losing the battle. Please please help me with this. Thanks a lot!!

Charlene Ryan says:

Thanks for positivity

Jordan Oliver says:

I'm learning so much from your channel I've been practicing setting intentions and it works its literally priming the subconscious mind great video 👍👍

Ezequiel Golden says:

You should wear blue more often 😍❤️

Brother King Prophet Blake Devon Auger/Sawan says:

Your not on Twitter brother

Samuel Waters says:

These videos is just you bragging about your paradigm

aneleaa says:

AS ALWAYS……..E X C E L L E N T INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

savanna love says:

Yes. You shared this at the perfect time, needed to hear this. Thank you aaron! 😌✨🙌🏻

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