Law of Attraction: How to CHANGE Your Appearance (BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE) | Leeor Alexandra

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Jessica H says:

It’s true everyone. We can change our selves on a DNA level! I have proof! My cousins father had a heart issue since birth. He had to have a serious surgery in his early teens that nearly killed him. After that he had a very large scar on his heart and chest. The recovery was long and hard for him during a time in his life that was also difficult in its self. After recovering he had a slight murmur but he otherwise could live a healthy life.

It was so difficult for him that he didn’t plan to have children in the future for risk of his children getting the same condition. Of course he met my aunt (a woman we joked could was a mans pants in her washer and get pregnant) and conceived my cousin. They were both worried about the baby having a heart issue and they monitored it during the entire pregnancy. The ultra sounds picked up a murmur in the babies heart and they feared the worse. Some people suggested she abort the baby because they wouldn’t be able to afford the health costs etc but my aunt wouldn’t. Instead she prayed and thought positive, imagining her perfectly healthy baby in her arms.

When my cousin was born they tested him throughly in case he had inherited the same heart issue. They thought he had due to the murmur at first until they did some more in-depth testing. It turned out he had scar tissue on his heart. Scar tissue that looked exactly like his father’s or someone who had had a similar heart surgery. He did have the same type of murmur as his father but he never developed the heart issues. It was as if he had already had the surgery. The doctors explained that sometimes trauma can be so intense that it changes a persons DNA and that my cousin inherited a scar from his father! My aunt believes her meditation, prayers, and thoughts healed her son in utero. ?

Ann-Kathrin Knaup says:

Hi Leeor ?
I’m a Baby Ellie from Germany ? I just want to say THANK YOU. Through you and your Videos I have been able to pull my self out of depression. I am now getting every day a better version of myself. I‘m so greatful that the Universe has guided me to you. ?
P.S.: I‘m also coming from the E-Mail List ?
Kind regards

Viviana. R. says:

I needed this video! It just confirmed what I just started manifesting! When I was a teenager up until my 20th birthday, I had the most skinny body, then do to some pills that I had to take, I gain crazy weigh in record time and nothing fitted me.
At first I was like ,,no big deal, it will be back to normal in no time”, but it didn’t and as time went by it just got worse.
About 2 years ago, I started getting really strict on my diet and workouts, and I would try different manifestation but the issues was I didn’t believe anything that I was saying, my ego was very strong!
It was so frustrating to me cuz I was very strict with myself and nothing was working(my friends where eating anything they wanted and are looking amazing)and on top of that I managed to get 2 stomach problems.( I am almost 30th now)
About 6 months ago, I was really putting myself down one day wile looking in the mirror, my biggest hate was my back fat and this little voice came in my head ,,why do you do this to yourself?” And I thought ,,why do I do it!?”, I made the consistent decision right then and there that I will start loving my body no matter what shape or size it is, I started touching my back fat almost everyday and I would go ,,omg! Look how cute you are! Little baby fat” and I was talking to it like it was a cute baby. At first it was weird saying all that stuff but then something started to happen! The back fat disappeared in 3 months and I started losing weight! My friends would see it too, and the crazy part was that I stopped being so strict with what I was eating and how often I would go to the gym, my size went down and what I learned from all of this is that when you truly accepted yourself and are grateful for all that your body can do for you, your body will change. It may not happened over night but remember, you where mean to it for a long time.
Hope this will help someone that is trying to understand self love! Cuz it took me long time to understand! ❤️

zephon says:

Thank youuuu

Riya Paul says:

This is magical since two days my right eyelid was dropping idk why
Watching this video I said myself I love you .. And my eye is behaving normal now .. WOWWWWWW I am surprised

setsuramune says:

This video made me realize how horrible I was to myself and my human suit. I feel bad for treating my self and my body this way. Thank you for this video. I know what I need to do to improve and change my self to be my ideal self !!

Shana Leigh says:

Some days it's easier to love myself than others.

Alana Mae says:

I needed this ? Everything you said hit me so hard !!

Solveig says:

Give yourself a hug and thank your human suit for being healthy and beautiful ✨?

thatshitcrayable says:


Sookie Sunda says:

Hey guys i tried to add myself to the baby elephants fb but i didnt get a response back. Does anyone know why this might be? X

sal la says:

I hope you didn’t lose your earrings. I got distracted by it because I noticed it’s about to fall off lol but thanks for this video. Love it!

M bolt says:

Trying to get my vibrations up and I’m unable to ??

Grace Lewis says:

Wow this video was eye opening. I just give myself a hug, sorry body for being mean. I’m starting self love right now ?

Chicken Salad says:

i was literally just watching your other videos on this yesterday! i’ve been wanting to better myself & manifest more beauty. i love youu <3

Sydney Dymant says:

I love this approach!! It's super healthy and feels so good! I will definitely be practicing more self love ?

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