Law of Attraction: How to Change Your Appearance

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Account Name says:

Bro I was literally thinking about you posting an appearance video for law of attraction. I manifested it somehow!

乔恩 says:

Thank you Nikhil

rico mambo says:

I would like to ask if visualization through writing your affirmations 55x for 5 days is much effective than looking through the vision board i make in a powerpoint and looking at it several times a day.

FragBoy Stewie says:

You definitely sound like Arjun Rampal buddy, haha

Kryptonite says:

he just casually brushed over the most important aspect to any of this: consistency

Esteban Graham says:

This idea of using visualization to improve your physical health is very powerful. Mantak Chia has some of my favourite practices on just this. Although he uses visualization to heal organs I'll apply his techniques on my skin and see how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration yet again.

BobbyG says:

Hey man – fellow Indian. To accelerate the fading of hyperpigmentation you should use sunscreen and ideally avoid direct sun contact with that region. I also find using retin a 0.05% very useful at night. Ideally you would want to avoid getting the spot in the first place through good diet etc but the occasional blemish is acceptable and using this process you'll fade any brown marks within a month or so.

from the 46 says:

How would this be applied to change of diet?

Seth Rakes says:

My favorite youtuber. Nikhil, you're an inspiration.

Califu says:

Do you have a skincare routine?

Brad says:

I don't have a 'type' that I'm similar to.


I have a face for telegraph.

It's easy to detach from how you look when people don't come up to you and tell you you're ugly – it happens to me.

A question on vision boards – should I put pictures on it of the women I want in world? It's basically the one thing I don't think can 'come to me'.

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