Law of Attraction DO'S and Don'ts | How to Manifest Properly

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Indasia Summerfield says:

Amber, you're the MVP! I was cracking up when you said the ex thing! I am attracting peace and happiness for my son and I.

Marky said says:

I love you, my angel! ❤️ thank you for inspiring me every single day with your wisdom.

Blessed&FitDiva says:

Hey Girl. I was waiting for a new video. I finished reading your blueprint yesterday. Love it!!!

Ernestine Yalledy says:

THANK YOU?…When the student is ready the teacher will come????

Diamond Jozwiak says:

I will go listen after the video & i manifested about me & my child father getting married ????

10 Steps Ahead of ya says:

Downloading now

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