Law of attraction and how it really works / Dr Joe Dispenza & Norman Graeter

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Rania Shaukat says:

The area for the interview looks strange and uncomfortable.

Eva Haeuptle says:

This is absolutely great to hear all this things about live! Thank you so much!

cristybello says:

In min 40 what he depicts as true love seems so unreal! Do relationships like that really exist? I feel overwhelmed because Ive never had that…. the idea that it is possible excites me! I wonder whether it is in my destiny to ever have such a connection in this lifetime…??‍♀️

Sync Mind - Binaural Beats Meditation says:

Great Interview! Thanks!

Jacob Brokaw says:

What the fuck is wrong with Norman? He’s creeping me out looking at Joe like that literally the whole video lol

Roberta A says:

Wonderful! I bought his books but this is the 1st time I listened. Amazing grace and pure intentions, just beautiful to watch. It restored my faith in humanity!!! Thank you for sharing♥♥♥

OceanArk7 7 says:

I wish I could pay Dr. Joe to help me! God he's good!

sylakras says:

Love love love you Dr. Joe Dispenza ! Thank you so much!??

Aaliyah Ali says:

So what is this formula he keeps talking about ?

Paul Ross says:

Do another 8 ball

Primo Lascano says:

Dr. Greetings! I've followed you in the past 3 yrs. Down to the T!
However I think when you deal to the planet you need to break down these down to bite size and as simple English as possible without using any scientific terms o what have. For those new to this concept. Otherwise you are my Guru among others.

Vlad-drums- Prokhorov says:

Woohooo A new Dispenza interview. Thank you so much, absolutely blew my mind yet again. Joe is a blessing to this planet. Thank you thank you thank you

Nick Bargas says:

The difficulty of opening your heart leaves you in a vulnerable state in this world of survival. When you are able to open your heart and understand you are vulnerable you MUST believe you are protected by our creator, you will then be fulfilled by understanding the pure beauty of unconditional love. This is the most difficult thing to accomplish when we live in in a world that has wolves in sheep clothing. Be wise and kind but follow your gut instinct when it's trying to tell you to be careful. Fear is obviously a negative vibration but we must learn to channel all emotions into a positive vibration to evolve. This process is what takes practice and understanding of who you are and what you want to be before you leave your body and ascend into the quantum field. <3

Vasile Nistorescu says:

Dr Joe can you tell us what is the formula that you mention in the video please?

Shane Suehr says:

0:460:52 when you miss a night of partying bc your boss asked you to work overtime.

N S says:

Really great video. Joe Dispenza is a great motivation. He even speaks about healing his fractured spine
I mean if he could do it then we all can? Like Jesus

Hector Zacada Matias says:

Bolllllll shit

Petra Alonso says:

I'm new to law of attractiion and so far I love it!!! It's been a learning process

Live it now says:

I did the beginner meditation weekend workshop with Joe in Rosenheim, Germany. Love Joes work. And Just to say that Joe’s message is basically, the same thing said in many other sources and texts. E.g. Joseph Murphy’s ‘the power of the subconscious mind’.
This isn’t rocket science, it’s basic. The problem is that humans are complex. And so truly creating our reality as new possibilities from nothing, is only possible when we clear our past beliefs that literally sabotage our ability to be present in this moment. There are lot of sources of this knowledge. From Joe and many others.

Annastasia 1 says:

Ladies- Get yourself someone who looks at you like Norman looks at Joe ?

BenefitsBoss says:

I am truly fulfilled. His talk proves I'm on the right path! I'd love to join his dynamic community. I remember driving to Belize, Central America with my son when he was four or five at the time. Before I left the driveway in Atlanta Georgia, I saw myself pulling up in the village where we were to stay. There's no why we can't have all that we want. Just knowing that we already have it and feeling the emotion that comes with already having it is crucial! That seven day journey was so Glorious! It will always be my point of reference for how to manifest your desire before you can touch it!

Josh Pickles says:

29:35 is the absolute key to manifestation for me. I've visualised loads of times but only when I've made it so real to the point where I didn't even think about it when I opened my eyes did things manifest in my reality. Honestly I find this challenging to do. I got a very busy brain. But I'll get there!

LID11 says:

He’s the scientist that Napoleon Hill spoke of in Outwitting The Devil. ‘What will it take to change the world?’ ….’A scientist will come….’. ♥️

Anayah Harris says:

Is this only for white people?

1234 5678 says:

Joe understands truly totally the FIFTH DIMENSION…..Truly…..

1234 5678 says:

We are so dam busy working, working, working and doing, we don’t take time to meditate, think, get centred, focus and plan on what we really want.
We r so busy dealing with life,…. bills, rent, grocery shopping, taxes,. so we have little time to focus inwards on self, in order to manifest what we really want. This video opens up the initiative to start thinking about manifestation, and opening our hearts to the emotions that bring joy, love and happiness.

1234 5678 says:

Here here, so so true. Opening ur heart is the answer, but in this world at times it’s so hard. We sadly have to be vigilant, or on our guard. Narcissistic people spring out from nowhere, and we have to deal with it. I feel my hear is open, having gone through so much .
Life hasn’t been easy, nor is it now. You’re right it’s having to opportunities to feel safe , then we know our true selves, and open up.
Thankyou for sharing……. Priceless ??????.

Michelle Grant says:

I love you Joe!
Thank you so very much for your vast contribution to humanity!
I am so grateful to you. You have advanced my life in great big way.
Thank you.

Nick Mastropiero says:

His messages are so powerful and true , the power of our intentions and expectations bring forth whatever it is we are expecting

Roger Aronson says:

Wow. This is life changing .

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