Law of Attraction All is Perfect with Landria Onkka

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Marie Helen Hamet says:

Could be nice your Meditations in 3 DSound Tech.zu genießen.
Danke Landria für Alles was Du uns weitergibst.????

Andrea k says:

Beautiful views Landria, enjoy, and thank you x

Nour says:

Hello Landria ..I want to ask you about how to match my vibration with the right frequency .. because all other people when they are trying to explain it they either say it’s like a radio and I don’t understand or they say you have to catch the right frequency also not understandable .. so I want to ask you is that’s true and if it’s true how can it be done?? .. thank you

Peter Gibbs says:

Thank you x Have a good good time xx

Julia Fisher says:

How lucky are we to have all that we have .. for me to lay on my comfortable sofa with the sun ☀️ streaming in .. listening to the boy next doors music practice! I'm watching this on my mobile phone amazing .. this moment is the best! Thanks for your constant reminders ( I need them! ) that we're making our future in the present. Have a wonderful trip lovely ! ????????????????

Aaredhel says:

WOW! didn't know you were in Italy! hope you're enjoying your vacation 🙂 Are you by any chance also coming over to Milan? Love to you! xxx

* * says:

Great video ???????? Have a lovely holiday! ????❤️ xx

Haley Walker says:

I’ve been enjoying your videos from Italy, enjoy your trip and thankyou for sharing your view and insights ????

asiandramamama says:

I have listened to you for 2 weeks. ????your videos I have gone through a lot and you inspire me. I normally meditate every morning. I am trying your methods of manifesting. I have daughter starting college and getting the funds have not been easy. I pray this moves my flow better.

Tyler Yarber says:

I'm very new to all this, as in l never heard of any of this until l ran across one your videos last night. So far it's fascinating. I'm highly intrigued.

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