LAW OF ATTRACTION ABSOLUTELY WORKS (if you use it like this)

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Sulagna Deb says:

I absolutely love the intro music !

Vandana Raghavan says:

Very inspiring… ? thank u Suyash

shreya mukherjee says:

Super like… Really needed this video…

Ren Ren says:

I want to give more “ thumbs up” ????????????????????

javeria khan says:

can I manifest physical change like my height, if yes how can I manifest it. also how shall I not obsess over height please answer thank you xx

Priya Singh says:

This is one of the best explanation of LOA and that things are happening. Thanku

Priya Singh says:

Yes this video helped me Suyash. It boosted my moral once again and "yes it is working". You are doing a great job helping us. We are a big family. Now , one more intention added to my list- to manifest what I intend and send you my success story. To manifest again and again send you my success stories and stay in touch with you and your channel.

Geeta Yadav says:

Thanks for video.

Omkaar Muley says:

Thank you for making this video

wild cletus says:

Much much needed n precisely to the point.

Poolover39 says:

Thank you! Simply beautiful!

Sunisha George says:

Thank you Suyash your videos giving more and more energy to me … God bless you..

Urvashi Pathak says:

Very beautifully explained excellent

Keishla Carreras says:

Love this, takes the least path of resistance

neelam tiwari says:

i m in love with another cast guy how i convens my parent to get marriage with him pleas help me my parent is so streak

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