Law of Attraction 101: How I Attract Anything I Want (How to Manifest)

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Christin Blake says:

I am so grateful that I found you! I stumbled across you on Wednesday! Your energy is amazing! Yesterday I purchased your Blueprint to Manifesting and I am almost done reading it! I am so grateful that I took action on getting it! I knew it was a perfect fit for me! From all that I have read your strategies and techniques are so easy to follow!

I also felt so uplifted, inspired, and motivated! I wanted to say thank you for creating such a simple to do information that I am now going to be utilizing and put to use! I have known about the Law Of Attraction since 2010 and have struggled tremendously! I have even purchased courses and material on how to manifest different things into my life especially money and can never succeed in that department!

While I was reading your info I literally felt this wonderful feeling come over me! I knew right then and there that I am in a great place of receiving! I honestly knew God Blessed me with you coming into my life and for giving me the tools to breakthrough all that I want to bring about into my life!

Thank you so much Amber as you are a life saver and a real true blessing! I wish I can give you a huge hug right now! Do you have an Instagram and other Social Media Outlets to follow you and to even give you my testimonials?! Look forward to hearing from you and growing with you! God Bless you love! Sending you tons of Peace, Love, Hugs, Gratitude, Blessings, Joy, Happiness, Sunshine, Smiles, All Sorts Of Positive Energy and Vibrations! 💖🙏🏽🤗😍💖🙏🏽🤗😍💖

FluffynpinK says:

Thank you for your videos.
I’d love to hear your take on manifesting while having anxiety.
I had some bad news that I know I manifested but it scared me so much that my anxiety came back.
It’s hard to keep positive thoughts or a good vibration while having anxiety so I’d love to know what you think.

ssweetshay says:

I want david and i to get back together by october 3rd

Kylee Lee says:

I’m confused you said don’t want it right now but later in the video you say put a date on it 😐

Sy Guzman says:

I have watched your LOA videos and there was one where you said we need to be specific. I told myself that I wanted to manifest $1 and I was expecting to find a dollar on the ground. Instead I recieved my dollar by finding coins throughout the week- a few pennies at McDonald's, a quarter next to the gas station pump, given more change back from the cashier. I didn't specify, "One dollar on the ground," but I did get my money 🤣

Kameelah Brown says:

I want $10,000 dollars by the end of 2019. I already know that I have $10,000 dollars, it’s just a matter of when I will receive it. I am going to have $10,000 dollars now.

Holly B says:

I gave money to a homeless man and some water because of the heat, four days ago. The next day, I was offered a job that pays me more than my usual pay and they work around my regular schedule of my other job. I've made more in the last couple days then I usually do in a week. They are begging me to work more and more hours. It's a temporary job, but I'm greatful for the boon in funds and know it's only the beginning . Thank you for awesome, straight forward advice. ❤️🤗

TheChickP83 says:

What happens when you script and speak something requesting something by a certain time and it doesnt come? Do you try and script and speak again?

sodsy sithilath says:

I thankful that i already have 5000$ per month extra. i had been through a hard time but finally. Finally i already got what i so much deserve. Thank you the universe and i truly appreciate

Adrienne says:

I’m getting a new car next month, and a new apartment and job by October. 💕

Adrienne says:

You seem like a really nice person, great energy. 😊 Your video popped up in my recommendations a couple days ago, subscribed 👍🏾

Helen Hru says:

@thelovegal ummm how were u making 14k a day in college?! Pls share!!

Helen Hru says:

Anyone else trying to manifest an ex??

Chea M says:

I am receiving a nintendo switch which i won from a giveaway!! 👌🏼

Kelvin Watkins says:


youmaydream says:

I am manifesting my yoga teacher training that's starting in September, I know I'll either get the resources, or somehow an opportunity so as to be able to experience this! Thank you Universe ✨

Chanel Nelson says:

I am receiving $100000 today!

10 Steps Ahead of ya says:

I want $500 within 5 days!I already know I'm receiving $500 it's just a matter of when!I am receiving$500 NOW!!

k w says:

I can't wait to go home and do this homework assignment. Just what I needed to hear today👍

Bianka Arapovic says:

Love love LOVE!

Anita Mitchell says:

Thanks so much, girl! All so true 😍😎

rarity3106 says:

I just want my ex back he’s the love of my life😭😭

rgowlikar1 says:

the give to recieve thing makes sense for manifesting money but how do you gage in your mind how much you are comfortable giving away?


LOA is( you are what you think about all day)….but then you have to stop thinking about it…🤔🤔🤔hmmm I'm confused

Medo Krakov says:

I now realized why you want us to visualise before falling asleep and right after we wake up. Its about the brain's waves. Learned this from Jim Kwik; right before sleep, while watching tv and in the shower our brain is in a wave called theta and this is when our brain learns the best and its creativity is at peek so when we visualise at this brain wave our subconscious can get the message a lot quicker so that we can draw that energy towards us. Also repetition is crucial.

Luxurious Minimalist says:

I just found your channel and have been OBSESSED with your videos- thank you!!💎🍀🙏🏻 subscribed ✔️

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