Last Video of 2018 – Enjoy The Journey – Your Dreams Are Coming True | Law of Attraction

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Awesome AJ says:

Dear Awesome Tribe, As You Are Ready to Make 2019 the Best Year Ever. Do let us know how our videos and channel has helped you in your journey in 2018. We are immensely grateful to you. Loads of love & Gratitude to all.

Arya Jayanand says:

Thank you so much AJ… Happy New year…God bless you 😊😊😊

Maan Kiran says:

I repeatedly see 333,11.11,and 222 my result of exam will come soon I definitely know that is positive

kaustic2013 says:

All my manifestations are going to come true in 2019. I am hopeful and positive and I am enjoying the journey. Yes, all my manifestations will be realized. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thanks to the benevolent universe for making all my dreams come true. And thank you, AJ. Thanks a lot. My gratitude knows no bounds.

apsara shaik says:

Please please help me AJ

apsara shaik says:

AJ please help me… I can't stop thinking negative about my love…. He won't lift my call, he won't give me time…. He say always he is busy…..

Unicorn Souls says:

Hi, After watching your video with consistency I have manifested a trip to Burma to see my parents. I am definitely more confident around money and I am continuously working towards stronger manifestations and even more healthy and happy life.

Its only our faith that is shaken due to hardships in life. Many movies claim that god or higher powers dont exist. So in that case I pushed my mind to believe regardless of what society pushes us to believe.

I wish success to you all who are reading this comment.

Lakhan Dahake says:

Sir, how to make dream list for banking job. Please explain me with examples.
Thank you,thank you, thank you.

sunil1105 says:

Sir why don't you speak in hindi…?

sandeep chauhan says:

Awesome AJ n all of awesome tribes i need a help of all of u..
Mai ek 6 saal ke relationship me rh chuka hu aur m us ldki s bht bht pyr krta hu but vo ldki kisi aur k sth relationship m aa chuki h ab but mera mn h ki m us relationship ko fr s thk kr pau aur m us ldki s b bht pyr krta hu mujhe kya krna chea.. Manifest krna chea us ldki ko ya move on awesome aj plz hlp me.

jusly mish says:

Thank you thank you, I was able to manifest alot in my life😉

sandeep walani says:

Yes yes yes aj 2018 was suprb. Small small manifestation really starting happened. Thnku so mch Nd in this 2019 is going to be the roking year.

Jayeshree Linganna says:

Happy New Year AJ Bhaiya 🎊🎉💕💕💕💕

Rekha Parle says:

Can I apply this law of attraction to get my father rid or deaddict of alcohol without telling him?
Please how can I make him deaddict?

Prits Y says:

Happy New year Aj

Sujatha Joshi says:

Happy New Year AJ sir

Kumar ANAND Dwivedi says:

Good job bro ..
Have bleseed year ahead

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