Keeping the negative things around you from DICTATING YOUR POINT OF ATTRACTION

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garr says:

I can break free of negative emotions and feelings RIGHT on the spot and think positive right away. But, I just let it be because I can learn a lot from egoic negative feelings. So I just chill and observe. I know none of it will manifest, not worried about it


Ooohhh Abraham, how i love to listen tooo you❣❣❣ I hope that i will meet you one day????

Dawn Rosario says:

When I try to stay in alignment, l imagen my favorite animal the elephant , you ever notice how peaceful an high vibration they are I imagen looking in there eyes or petting them I use them as a compass of my vibration If we dont Mach I know I have so work to do on putting my self in higher vibration . Elephant a are gentle no aggressive animals surrounded by jungles which is harsh but they are not .Much to learn from them , This is Dawn Rosario Love ya.

It's a Bunnay says:

Thank u so much for the upload ????????????⭐️✌????

Blonwy Marchand says:

Who in the heck would "unlike" this video that offers great advice?! Oh wait,someone who would rather live in a great big ball of negativity i suppose.. Geez hmm?! ????‍♂️????❤

Marissa Meleske says:

“What happened to you is that you felt what it feels like to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on and now nothing else will do. So you’re more sensitive to moments in time when you’re not there. The key to focus on is don’t beat yourself up when you’re not there.”

I needed this


Negative thinking and believing is a vicious circle, difficult to break free, but it is absolutely possible.

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