Jesus, Christianity and the Law of Attraction (The Truth)

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Aaron Doughty says:

Hey Everyone! Here is the raise your vibration meditation that I mentioned in the video. I think you guys will find it powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡

Admiringregorians says:


Vee E says:

THANK YOU ???????? THANK YOU ???????? THANK YOU ????????

You explained this perfectly.. I am a twin .. and my twin sister is so deep into the interpretation of Jesus as an idle along with so many other people..

Perception/Perspective is unique to each one of us and to blindly believe that something a MAN/person perceived/interpreted from what they personally experienced then wrote in a book ???? to create order, doesn’t make sense to me and never has. What if someone else interpreted the same thing differently? The book would be written a little differently ????????‍♀️… I stopped going to church because of the contradictions that kept rising.. killing people because they wouldn’t conform to a religion doesn’t make sense to me… judgment against a good person simply because of their sexual preference, judgment against people in general…

This whole video is so wonderful.. thank you again Aaron..

✌????- Vee

AlexSavxge says:

Man I am awakening but I remember when I was in church I was fully awaken just not aware of it because I was soooooooo holly like a really holly person a really good person in the name of god and I was always alone because u know I didn’t want to sin and I didn’t want to drink smoke weed and stuff like that and nobody would be with me and instead think I’m crazy and judge me but I always never felt alone I always felt a presence of god with me watching over me and I always felt happy even tho I was alone and always had the presence of Jesus with me like guarding over me and making me feel not alone and happy. You know I knew this but I never payed much attention to it I was just happy. And everything I was praying for was manifesting immediately like I was praying for my mom to stop drinking alcohol and she stopped immediately and she was like I don’t know what’s happening to me alcohol just doesn’t call my attention no
More is like I don’t need it. But I know now that I was there fully awaken but didn’t have the awareness of it I came to understand it last night because I’m trying to manifest things and it takes time but I asked god how can I manifest things instantly because I believe in this power and he made me understand that I need to go back to being holly super good how I use to be to be at a fully potential and manifest things instantly because my believe and faiths were much stronger. But god has spoken to me in many different ways through my mind and thru videos and numbers where I came to a understanding of the verse from the Bible that says GOD IS EVERYWHERE God is A SUPREME ENERGY THATS CONNECTED TO US AND IS EVERYWHERE.


You obviously have not read your Holy Bible because it's spirits of Our Savior Jesus Christ according to the Holy Bible will descend from the sky he will have four archangels that was sound the trumpet he was first pick up the ones that are sleeping and then he will come for the ones call the ones Dennis still alive and you will take us all up in the air so are you saying that it's all about Consciousness Christ conscious is Christ Consciousness no he's real it's not just the imaginary thing it's not just something that you want to play with like a fairytale okay the word of God is what's true truth Remains the Same and the day the Lord comes he say every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord therefore he's not here yet he is here in his presence but he has not came for judgement yet but I suggest you go back and do some more research and change this video up a little bit before that day comes because I'm sorry you are giving out false teachings I like you but I just don't like some of the things you're saying in this particular video I will continue to watch you and I hope you get an understanding


The only way to apply the teachings of Jesus is to get in the Holy Bible and study and continue to read your daily bread daily bread is the word of God and it clearly states man will not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God therefore everything we've been taught everything is been told us came from the Holy Bible I haven't found one thing yet it's not right doesn't match but nobody wants to admit that everybody wants to take things scientifically at screw them up and cause confusion but you know what this man came and he died on the cross and shed his blood for us to have forgiveness and a chance at eternal life in a beautiful place and no one seems to appreciate that everyone still wants to stomp on him and leave him out when he is a whole reason and the whole purpose of us being allow these things because God gave him a choice to decide if he wants to save us and when he chose to save us he also left that way for us to I know and I understand so that we won't be lost in the upcoming Generations so I just suggest that you do more research Auntie Em in on the word and what really is before you speak on Jesus because false teachings AR not pretty candy eyes of God


The awareness of Christ Consciousness is the awareness of God's Consciousness and Consciousness is God he is the state of being what he says I am he is the state of being he is presents so when you say Christ Consciousness you're saying God play these type of powers and abilities are cells that made it possible for him to have it for him to come sell us that we have it.


The problem is people do more studying in science books and textbooks but they don't want to touch the Holy Bible they want to go around it and say what they want to say but nobody really wants to take the time out to combine the Holy Bible with the things that scientists have found in nature here on Earth. This is the reason why it means we're separated in the languages were scattered about because we think we're too smart we want to know everything and go around the master and until you get an understanding of that regardless of what you have manifested you are still in last place.


Jesus didn't come here to show super powers or make us believe we had magic tricks he came here to give us a way out a way to be able to enter the kingdom of God because Earth is on the verge of Hellbound. The problem is everybody wants to leave God out of the picture but it clearly says in the Holy Bible the Holy Ghost Came Upon Mary in order to create Jesus so that he could catch our attention and let us know that there is a God and let us know as long as we speak the word of God and increase knowledge then we will have the powers of God I like your videos and I like what you're doing but you need to combine God and His Son and the Holy Spirit because they are the reason everything is all possible without them none of us would have any of these powers and none of us would have access to his kingdom. When he came in the Book of John he said I came to tell them about the light and the light is in me. The light that he is talking about is the spirit the spirit of God the same energy that is in everything the same energy that allows our powers to even be able to function. Humans always want to be rebellious or take credit for what God has done. By the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ that we are allowed the privilege and even have an access any law of attraction cuz any manifestation to any thing that we didn't create ourselves.

Darian Roberts says:

What else would you possibly say? You promote an antichrist religion. Thousands of people in the New Age who have come out all say how deceived they were. Hmmmm, wonder why that is?

When Jesus said ye are Gids, he wasn't talking to everyone lol. Try reading before and after that verse. The mind of Christ is only attained through the holy spirit, not occult practices and beliefs. Get serious lol.

It also says Jesus will come back the same way he went, a physical manifestation which IS A PERSON. You don't have to believe any of this, but perhaps leave Jesus out of your garbage.

Vanessa Whitehead says:

Love is my religion.

Hannah 1 says:

I finished reading the whole Bible a couple months ago . And I totally get what he's saying . I found a passage in it it was talking about healing the blind . And Jesus told the people that through faith in himself and god they can also perform miracles as well . This totally astonished me . I was thinking why is this not taught in churches?! But I know exactly why it's not taught Because they don't want us to think of ourselves as creaters or as powerful spiritual beings. They want us kept down

Whiskey Black says:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Devil, Hell, Armageddon & The 10 Commandments & Salvation.

Rebelstarr Haircolor says:

Yes exactly I did not need a bible to explain my soul,there is no one entity above all ,it's too contradictory, the bible is just a story written back in those days to explain their lives I don't take it as everything literally happening like that and I think it's been translated so many times so that we can get some good out of it. But it still is tunnel vision you need to learn from all beliefs to come to our own conclusion

buddinghappiness330 says:

anything about New Age Consciousness is bad Jesus warns of new age liars in revelation.. did you know Revelation is the only book in the Bible that says blessed is He who reads and understands…

buddinghappiness330 says:

please research revelation . what you are saying is what the devil and anti christ is gonna say we have the power to be gods.. smh you really you're falling for it.. please listen to what I'm saying I've been there and done that I've been to and through every single belief system.. all they will do take you in a complete circle seriously go back to the Bible and only the Bible

buddinghappiness330 says:

our gifts are not of this world.

buddinghappiness330 says:

u need to watch i used the law of attraction u know how it works out right? not by God or Jesus.. the devil halsatan rewards us for being greedy and focusing our thoughts on our own wants.. vs what he wants from us..

Jay C says:

The secret promotes arrogance and lack of empathy. it is like a drug it is not of god.

Sublime Diakrisis says:

“Seek the kingdom of God within”

J Tyler says:

I thought the same..thank you for confirming this thought. ????????

Teresa Fields-Pena says:

Hi, You know how everybodys got there own belief , well i personally believe that religion is False Prophet i Do believe in God we have a close relationship im a very old soul here for a reason ive usto never would think in a milloin years that everything i went throught and thought was real I DO NOT believe in the bible either God bless you

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