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Awesome AJ says:

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Mariaa says:

I felt so happy I know I'm manifesting it I'm so excited ??

Abanti Biswas says:

Yes yes yes i am happy and i know that i am going to manifest it??

Soumya Pandit says:

Jst one word.. Miracle

Prisha Singh says:

Yes yes yes aj i am manifested it
Thank you

Tharushika Neranji says:

Awesm aj i got a message wow unbelievable thankyou thank u thank u universe ❤️

Jahnavi vaddiparthi says:

It worked !!! I can't believe this…tqsm aj

Adkar Divya says:

Yes yes AJ m manifesting it… Thnk u sir

Bim Villanueva says:

I fell numb and full of emotions

Varun Paul says:

Yes yes Aj ….its working

Jiehan Diagao says:

Yes yes Aj. I really can feel manifesting it. I am vibrating love to the love of my life. I feel happy and excited. I know it is done. Thank you Universe. My heart is full. ???

Veronica Martinez says:

As soon as I finish the meditation I look at the time and its 10:10

Neethi Thilak says:

Yes yes yes am happy. Am manifesting

Preety Lata says:

Thank u i'm manifesting it….

Sumidhra Kannan says:

Yes yes yes thanks thanks thanks

Nilam Sandbhor says:

Can we do this when watching video?

Sneha Chafle says:

I really felt lifted and happy its really good thank u soo much

Payal Agarwal says:


Payal Agarwal says:

Yes AJ I Manifest the text from my Love:) THANK YOU UNIVERSE I BELIEVE IN YOU:)

Alexandra Nicole says:

I am so happy because he texted me. I am manifesting him back into my life. He is here and I am so happy.

Dheeraj Sinha says:

Yes yes Mr AJ.. I am very happy.
Thank you for the help???

KimJen9681 says:

Without a shadow of a doubt, I lie to you not this worked within a hour. I did this and not even a hour later I looked at my phone and he called. I dropped the phone and ran around my house like a child laughing. I am shocked. When I finished my victory lap, I finally read the message and it was better than I could of ever expected. I owe my gratitude to you AJ. You're awesome!


Yes Yes Yes AJ…..I am manifesting???

hareesh harry says:

Yes I'm happy

Sova Nong says:

Yes yes yes

Poonam Mohanty says:

During doing dis meditation got a msg bt not him ?.. On exact platform.. Still universe give dis hint dat I'm on a rght path thnk u universe thnku aj sir

Arpita Saha says:

Yes yes yes aj I was happy when I was manifesting my dream

sharmila sinha says:

Thankewwwwwwww aj soooooo much…wen i was bound vd pain u come up as hope….from 6 june i was doing ds …bt yesterday he called me after 3 months brkup…though v tok casual bt i vl stil manifest…n yes universe luvs me…i believe it…i hv faith on him…

Nevil raj says:

Yes am happy.. I felt it…. Yes yes yes I got

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