I Manifested A Specific Person Using Law of Attraction | My US Tour Vlog [Ft. Aaron Doughty]

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kaesar sharma says:

Thanks for sharing. Happy new year ahead Eric and team.

den den says:

Eric can I please ask you a huge favor? Please make a guided meditation video for visa approval. Thanks a lot. Happy New year!

Roxanna Bigott says:

Please make a video with Jake Ducey!!!!!

Marquita Hope says:

I was just thinking of how you and kailyn collaborated. You should also get up with Leeor Alexandra

Master Mind says:

Aaron doughty is my all time fav .. i never miss his videos … aaron we love you

robin huff says:

I live in Las Vegas. I wish I could see you


I like someone and I would like to manifest his presence in my life. Although I like him we are different characters and personalities. I am not sure if we can cope well together. From your videos I've learned that if I want to manifest something I have to be sure about it and not throw doubt to the universe. How can I proceed to the manifestation of this person coming into my life as a friend, or as a lover or as whatever when I already know that we don't match together? And if the universe hear my call and send me this person and then I realize that we are not on the same page what should I do then? Should I ask for forgiveness of the universe for the inconvenience that I manifested?

PETZZZ says:

That's great i saw you guy's 4days ago on Aaron's Instagram story and waiting for this thank you eric😊💟

Pele sch says:

wow its amazing how you all know each other im a subscriber on all of this channels

Shivanthi Hettiarachchi says:

OMG!!! What a great collaboration…. superb 👍

Adestya Anggraini says:

Looking forward to seeing both of you my favourite Loa teacher 😍🥰

Valeria Vali says:

Namaste Eric ❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃👍👍👍

Lenka Kaclova says:

Awesome! I love this collab!! I can't wait for part two:)

Veeresh S V says:

I wanna sit on that bench with you, as a famous youtuber

McKenzie Rose says:

I remember VHS and cassette tapes, lol. I can remember when DVDs and CD became a thing. Dang, I'm old, lol. It's all good, tho 🙂

Hazz Saeed Haris says:

I love that you guys are collaborating. So excited for Tuesday!

Gyauz Threewalk says:

Honestly, I manifested that I'm seeing you both together soon 😁😁 good to see you Bros. 😋😀

Jayme Clinger says:

Two if my favorite youtubers. Super excited to see you two together. Thank you! 😁

Adam Zeller says:

Eric, what about the Spotify channel with all the mediations and music ?

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