How to Visualize for MAXIMUM Results Using the Law of Attraction + My FIRST Psychic Experience

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Marianne Browne says:

Thanks Amber??. I’m very skeptical of psychics

Indasia Summerfield says:

Lol. I usually just do tarot readings for myself or ask my mom when it comes to guidance. But visualization before bed is the truth. Bc you still manifest in your sleep.

Taylor Williams says:

Thank you so much for this video gorgeous! You're the BOMB ❤️

Marelle Steblecki says:

“Somebody admiring me!? Me??” ??? you made me buss out laughing!

Melissa Hawks says:

I love your channel you keep it real…love it

Diamond Jozwiak says:

I love to Visualize & i even try out the technique with taking deep breath’s While doing The law attraction & i feel so good after doing the Technique thank you so much❤️

Meghan Staton says:

I absolutely love your post lol

Lashayna Nicole says:

So girl… how do I go about trying to manifest multiple things? Should I try doing them one at a time?

The Square Root . says:

I luh you ?!

Spiritual Pizza- Manifest Your Best Life! says:


10 Steps Ahead of ya says:

I tried keen a few hours ago.Somethings she was a lil off about, but for the most part she was pretty accurate.

Reign Lhyt of Gratitude says:

UNIVERSE: "Ok, well I got time!"?

Dee Tee says:

Amber first and foremost, I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and experience. Second….you look darling, I love the wrap and your overall look today is magnetic…..go out there and walk down the street to the store, I bet you'll notice the added attention. Some days we glow more than others; you are on BRIGHT GLOW today, your internal beauty is defiantly projecting outside right now.

Fearless FemmeStar says:

Thanks this is hardest part. Tfs

Daphne Pierre says:

Hey Galllllll I love the way you explain this thanks

Amal Abdirahman khalif says:

I love the way you explain things thanks boo ????

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