How To Visualize Effectively Law Of Attraction

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Linzie Ross says:

Fantastic video again Yvette. Excellent information,intelligently explained.Thank a million for sharing your amazing experiences.????????

The Beauty Entrepreneur says:

Yveeeetttee! you are soooo helpful to us! i did both of visualization you teach, and it really worked for me! This is how i got my first property sale! exactly how i visualize myself! you explained it very well!

Astarte’333 says:


Renenut888 Renenut888 says:

what if u have said bad things to people the same day and you wanna manifest your desires, can u still create a movie in your mind and get your desire?

marc gutierrez says:

The most detailed video I've seen on visualization. Thank you for this.

Can Su says:

Where can I find the video about 'the opposite'?

Brasileira que não desisti nunca . says:

Great video . Thank you !

A. Nicholson says:

I love your channel! Thank you for sharing this awesome info!

BCreative12 says:

Hello. Very excellent concepts! ???? Thank u very much! ????

Jada Pearl says:

When u say visualize yourself in the movie……… do u have to see yourself as if u are looking in the mirror at yourself? Or just thru your eyes when you can see you arms, feet, and clothes u have on? Pls dont judge, but I think it'll help me out a lot, and I can never seem to understand the answer to that question. Thank you so much!

Wayne X says:

Thank you, so much.

Mia Treadwell says:

Hey Queen! ????????????

Coatcheckgirl - 카산드라 says:

I can taste that Apple ????

alicia simmons says:

ThAnkyou ????????????

the forg says:

Nice job. Spot on

Geeta Wagle says:

Hello ,
I am visualising my daughter's wedding.
But how do I know for sure that this boy will make her happy.
Another thing is that she seems disinterested in marraige n I desperately want her to get married.
Should I keep continuing visualization ???

Evelyn Quinones says:

Having trouble visualizing and. Manifesting help please

cloudz clemente1 says:

Thank you for another great video. So our destiny is what we make it?

opuere mbee says:

Thank you Eva. Thank you

opuere mbee says:

Thank you Eva. Thank you

Ana Galván says:

You are sooo helpful Eyvette! A true angel in this physical world ???? Namaste sister!

Jared Austin says:

This is so true. I have manifested so many things using these techniques.


great scenery…where is it? thanks Ms Yvette

Kasim Kasim says:

one Q is multiple manifstion possible at a tym?? will da univrse support me.can I visualise all these at same tym.Iam new to da subject n working to become a great manifester.can I get an answer mam?india

margaret buami says:

????????❤????????????????. Always a joy to listen to you!

Daniela Abbamonte says:


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