How To Use The Powerful Ho’oponopono Technique for Money & Become A Money Magnet – Law of Attraction

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Awesome AJ says:

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Fully Entertainment says:

This video is awesome and again you prove that you are the best coach of india. I believes in all of your technique and they work also.
While seeing your videos I have become more positive now a days. So sir grand salute for your work.
Thank you Aj and Thank you Universe.

Nuzhat Khan says:

Are u Rich

Nuzhat Khan says:

Did you do for u?

Shreyu S.R says:

When u everytime explain d concept it becomes very very easy to use d technique with understanding so i absolutely love ur explainations…and yes dis video was an eye opener for me..can we use d same to heal relationship with a specific person or just for money ?

Bhoomika Yadav says:

Aj ??? u genuinely r very awesome. thnkuuu thnkuuu thnkuu so much..

Also plzz aj make some new guided mediation video for students n career. There r so many videos for relationship,sms, etc. Plzz aj. Very few r there on the topics i asked.. plzzz. Plzzz i am trying to manifest some amazing videos on these topics from u.. hope i will get their notification soon.??????.
N yesss thnksss this video ws amazing.. will be using it from tomorrow itself ??????bless u my angel?

Prerna Jain says:

Hello AJ Sir,
Can i listen to subliminals while using 55×5 technique & Ho'oponopono technique.

yashvi parmar says:

i am going to try this technique.

Rhushabh Khandeparkar says:

Thanks a lot AJ ! I cleared my CA IPCC exams by following your videos ! I manifested to pass and universe helped me to achieve it. You are truely amazing ??

A big thanks to you ?

Ranjana Kumari says:

sir mirror technique pe video banaao…..????????…..

Digital Jagga says:

And you will tell visualise really I harashed my mind so much bcz of

Madhu kiran says:

Hi sir I am new subscriber..sir I have one doubt..that note have to keep with me forever..

Vicky Vicky says:

Finally i become money magnet and rich

abirami s says:

Thank you aj for this video

pragya pandey says:

Luv u aj ???god bless u

satish nani says:

Yes iwant to see money from bussiness tecnq

Ranjith kumar says:

Thank you AJ. This video proves that you are actually really Awesome..?

Manisha Bhoyar says:

Please make vdo for weight loss and studies(exam success) you are doing great AJ keep doing and please make it please

Simranjeetkaur Arora says:

Hi AJ I am your big fan and I am fighting with skin desease from last 4 year and I got allergy from sun and got lots of spots on my face that is making my confidence level to 0. I changed many doctors but nothing is working out for me. I am blessed to have you as my mentor. It would be very helpful if you make video on
Removing skin problems.hope you will read this comment and I am manifesting now for the same to get ur guidance on the same asap. Thank you so much in advance☺️

Jagriti Mishra says:

Thank you aj for an amazing video … Just want to ask one thing… It can be any note na.. Either 20 or 2000 rupees

Jotti kahlon says:

Thank you thank you thank you for all information ?

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