How To Use The Law Of Attraction – The Secret To Creating Everything You Desire!

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Masculine Energy says:

Instant like

Rene Castaneda says:

I like when Miles uses curse words, it makes me pay more attention to the video ? 14:38

Dale Hoskins says:

You're flawless, and you never miss a beat

Jamie G says:

Hi Miles, great content as always. The question I have is more about the maintenance of your mental attitude. For example, I can't avoid looking at my bank account in order to manage my finances. Yet, when I do, I will often feel a knot in my guts and think "Seriously dude, wtf…Why?" I know you covered it regarding listening to audiobooks, being grateful, doing mental prep etc, but in my experience it feels like the more I try to focus on the good stuff, the more my subconscious tries to kick me in the nuts and bring me back down. Due to the mental feedback loop (yes, I'm aware I'm creating that) I have, sustaining that attitude of gratitude proves difficult. I guess my question is, do people that have manifested what they want in life still have down days? Do they need to remind themselves of how awesome their lives are, or is it so ingrained, it is as natural as breathing?

Ehab Mohammed says:

Congrats on the 100K subscribers Miles. On to the 1M by end of 2020???

Moshe Zuchter says:

Awesome, awesome. Do you have a list of some morning audio books you can recommend?

Sandy Shoals says:

Miles, you are great. I'm glad you made it so you can light the path for those of us trying to make it. You are living your true calling and changing lives. Thank you. (I see you got the 100k subscribers. Congrats. You deserve it!)

Mattia Bianucci Trainer says:

Thoughts are things… magnetize them with positiveness! 🙂

John Spence says:

I think one of the key's that you and Melanie use that neither you openly exploit is "the giving freely of yourself" not out of a desire to gain anything but from a desire to aid others to have a better life.

the Law of "the more you give, the more you Will have to be able to give. This in turn fires the gratitude frequency. The message of the power of Gratitude has really been flooding through over the last month or so. Very powerful 🙂

John Spence says:

Excellent video Miles, spot on. I created a seminar workshop piece 20 years ago. About the "positive thinking process" and how it works. As opposed to "thinking positively" two totally different things, 🙂 Your 90 day challenge was fantastic BTW

Keep up the Great work your and Melanie are doing, it IS so needed

much love to you both, John

Winston Bromley says:

Timely. And great points. I did get an aha moment about doing something we need to do for 90 days straight

Sound Survival Tactics says:

More of a deep dive lesson than an aha moment. ? Beautiful backdrop by the way.

Patrick Cogen says:

Great information Miles! Keep it up as always:)

Pervin Temiz says:

It is like something is blocking me whenever I start something to change my life. I followed your advise on Marketing Arbitrage and have my first client and Freelancer to do the job. However, I have difficulties to finish the project. I dont even know why… I kinda feel anxious

TelFiRE says:

When people say they don't believe in this type of stuff, my response is simply, oh okay, so you're denying the overwhelming and undeniable scientific evidence that placebos have real effects. That seems pretty new agey to me but whatever floats your boat.

Mike Joseph says:

Thanks, I needed this!

Wolf Daddy Leyton Jay Cougar says:

Thanks again Miles…as usual, always great content!

Marcelo Beilin says:

Hey Miles, I've read a lot of the awesome books you mentioned and here's another book that I found encapsulates all of the others by going straight to the root of why it all works (or why it doesn't work) – it's called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, have you read it?

Digital Dash says:

How unearned success feels like

Digital Dash says:

What did Miles smoke in Bali?

BillyBoy says:

If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got.

Patrick Turner Lee PTLARTS says:

Really cool Miles thanks

Rob CLtv says:

Now that's real talk ?

David Boozer says:

Creating your own reality? Or, jut looking at things differently?

gjcody says:

Do more. I am buying my building and there has been so much distractions because of the problems with it. But just plain thank you.

gjcody says:

Thank you miles. I needed this. Totally. ?

Freedom Life Now says:

So true Miles have to have the thoughts feelings AND actions all in alignment with what one is trying to create for the future! So true about allowing and causing your thoughts to precede your feelings and using that as power to drive you forward toward positive actions.

edin chavez says:

Thanks Miles keep rocking ??????

Mental Power Forever says:

The law of atraction is ALWAYS working, whether you belive it is or not. If you can imagine it in your
mind you CAN experience it in your reality.

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