How to Use Affirmations with Reality Transurfing (New Law of Attraction Process)

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Aaron Doughty says:

Hey everyone! Here is the free Reality Transurfing meditation I mention in the video, it is a guided meditation to Decrease importance and wire in the Reality Transurfing ideas. Here it is and hope you guys love it!

foxylady246 says:

Can you do a meditation/discussion on cutting negative psychic cords? Thanks!!

Zayleigh 22 says:

Where in LA are you going to be speaking?

Kimberly Diaz 909 says:

What do you recommend .. I signed up for a car giveaway well my boyfriend too.. And I really need a car right now and just like a few days ago I got a call from them saying I'm in the finals to win if they call me again I will win..and I been seeing myself in the car also searching it and just saying when I get the Chrysler I'm going to be able to drive to the gym and work 😊 what else do you recommend ? Thank you

kimberkiss says:


rrandomvideozz says:

Added to my playlist " LAW OF ATTRACTION rrandomvideozz " .

Anastasia Dykes says:

Thank you this really helped. Talking about affirmations in a comfortable emotion instead of excitement. That resonates with me 100% I'm ready to be a master of manifestation. Your wisdom is wonderful Aaron I'm truly grateful❣

firefly3479 says:

Very useful. Thanks so much

AniXiaN says:

Insane Timing! I just read about the Reality Amalgam in part V and I was thinking, "Hmm, I need to set up a daily routine. What amalgam will I pick? What affirmations?…" and then you come out with this video! Great video as always!

Andrea Munoz says:

I have a question: if my passion and my dream job requieres a speficifc skill that I have but I don’t think it’s working out for me should my affirmation be “I am *insert job title here*” and “ I have “*insert skill here*” or just the job affirmation?? Thanks in adavance!!

Balanced Approach says:

retard alert!

StyleitwithSushi says:

Love your videos. They're really helpful. Thank you!

Kat Vitali says:

great great great video

Yeagirl1000 says:

Your videos are so inspiring. So happy I found your channel! Thank you for making these

Higher self says:

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 wowwww
That’s so exciting your first conference talk !!!
Sending you good vibrations and successful event
can’t wait for the one you will do here in Toronto !!!⚛️🌈💗

Aravind J says:

Hey Aaron Please answer my question. I am trying to replace a negative thought with a positive thought. In doing so I feel up with the positive thought for few days and then later on the same old thought starting to occupy my mind and I'm losing the battle. Please please help me with this. Thanks a lot!!

Marcus Taylor says:

I want the truth no matter what the cost and I am willing to serve it to death.
Got a feeling I will get that wish…
Quantum physics is a blend of science, magic and spiritualism.
I could pretty much get what I wanted in the original reality in terms of women and cash etc.
Now with dimensions swapping around I see these things as distractions from whats going on. Working out how to deal with changes that are being forced on us (Mandela effects) is my number 1 priority. Each change makes it even more important where if the changes stopped I might become lax.
At least Neo was awesome in the Matrix and had backup, I'm a standard man on my own. Good thing God has my back.
In the past I never had to say things to get what I want. I just did things that moved me towards my goals until I hit a point of diminishing returns and moved onto the next thing.

Luskita says:

Am I the only one seeing Aaron's hands move behind the t-shirt's logo? Optical illusion? 😵
a subscriber.

Your daily Reality says:

….:-)….o.k. , It'll be the last time talking to myself here…..:D……Aaron,don't miss the chance to create much more momentum concerning reality creation….which comes from the(your) energyfield,not from the (your) mind.Remember Sue Morter,she's so powerful – talking about her energy.Or go watch colleagues like Ronja Sebastian or Benthino Massaro…..p o w e r f u l .Their energyfields are "talking" reaching out to the core of the people.Of course,LOA ,Transsurfing & co is exciting and most of all,it's real and it works,and you do a good job talking about it(so you actually don't need these tabloid teaser mannerism titles,they're misleading and vacuous).So – a good question here is :what do y o u want to create ….and to all who are reading these lines here : check out yoga,qui gong,meditation & Co – get the basics, enjoy it,stay with it. It's the direct and easiest entrance to reality creation . Enjoy a simple meditation without wanting, focussing,manifesting……it will benefit your whole being and health.Meditation will transform your way of thinking – your biggest obstacle to manifest the things you"think"you need….more workshop than entertainment is helpful here.Much love,you guys…and d o it……. :D………….

Puja Bhattacharya says:

Hey.. the Reality Transurfing MP3 on Decreasing Importance link seems to be broken.. it doesnt seem to fire either the subscription confirmation email or the mp3 link email ..

Caleb Miller says:

Any validity and listening to affirmations at a certain Hertz while you sleep at night?

Tawny Nalea says:

OMGOSH. You changed your look. Very nice either way. Ok, back to video. I've been looking for you, I forgot to press the bell and here you are! Thank you universe.

Seeker oftruth says:

YES!!! I have been thinking about this lately. Your Rocking it Aaron!

OJAS says:

brilliant artistry.

CS:GO Kanaal says:

Nice room btw!!

CS:GO Kanaal says:

A top 10 list of best Youtubers of 2018:

10. COME
9. ON
8. A
6. ONE
1. Aaron Doughty

Master Sparks says:

I love this shirt! I’m just staring hypnotically at the formation as you speak haha

Master Sparks says:

You are my biggest inspiration of the year my friend. Bless you 💙🙏🏻

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