How to Upgrade Your Life to Attract Anything (Law of Attraction!) Powerful!

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Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) says:

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Caren Davis says:

Thank you Ralph and the cat down the road. # upgrade

Nadia Cavallini says:

Hey Ralph, I did not know you love reading…go get a copy of my book: The Proactive Health Solution! You will love it!! BlueInk listed it as #mustread on Twitter! Find it on Amazon or anywhere on line where books are sold.

Courageous Consciousness says:

I love your playfulness! I think a consistency can really work for a lot of people but it can be so hard to stick to, especially if you have a lot going on. I think that we need to just create more sacred time in our day. Personally, I think the last 30 minutes before you go to bed are even more formative because it affects your sleep and your dreams.

Jen TheGem says:

you should make a "feels good to be alive baby!" button haha i looove

DarkRose Subliminals says:

Very Inspiring ✧・*☽ ✧・*☽ ✧・*☽ ✧・*☽ ✧・*

Renee Palmore says:

Very powerful video! Thank you Ralph!

ramiro ciancio says:

does anybody know what kind of necklace that is ??

Margaret Harvey says:


Gia says:

Simply amazing content. Thanks, Ralph!

Velvet Taylor says:

Thanks Ralph. Now I cannot start my day without hearing you go Peeeeeeeaceee… Lol

Doris~ says:


momo willpower sanogo says:

The more you learn the more you earn.

Jamie Wesley says:

Much gratitude Ralph!!!! For I am determined to be alive and unstoppable

Teria Agee says:

You are truly phenomenal. Thank you for being

G Money says:

Ralph, I'm beginning Veganism & I fee better. However, the pizza commercial anit helpng. Lol..???

MRSME AllDAY says:


kelly amin says:

Come tp Guyana

Exist N Nature Media says:

Awesome info as usual.

Rhonda Robison says:

Hey Ralph, would reading an article about health from nature a day count as well?? I am almost done with my nutritionist course then moving onto dietetics! You are amazing and I get a wonderful tingling feeling from your videos. It does feel so good to be alive ??❤❤

Universe Comes First says:


Rui Raiz says:

Can i grow taller at age 16 by using that?

Jay Scott says:

Just want to simply say THANK YOU

Lara Lebeu says:

I love the intro

Ilaria Pagani says:

I have been watching your videos for years. I love you more and more. You put into words what I am feeling and learning from my experience ❤️❤️???????

Laws of Attraction says:

It’s unlimited what the universe can bring when you understand the great secret that thoughts become things.

Nayele Nura says:


Raquel Toledo says:

Thank you for uplifting me!!!

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