How to Supercharge Your Visualizations With Law of Attraction

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Big Dreamer says:

At the beach, night time, sitting on the balcony, wrapped in a blanket listening to the ocean ? roar, nice breeze blowing thru… ahhhh mannnnn, this feeling is amazing ??

Bee-YouTeeFul Spaine says:

Cooking is my passion and it’s mainly cause it reminds me that late grandma ?.

Keyanna Young says:

Disney World!!!! It is truly my happy place

Kennedy Buckner says:

Numerology chart was very inaccurate

Bria D says:

Numerology sounds like everything you are and your life is already planned out or fate and law of attraction, from what I have understood, is working with God/the universe/whatever to create your own reality. How do they fit into each other? Am I consciously creating my reality or is it already fixed?

Margarita Candelaria says:

Thank you ❤️ keep posting . Lots of love. It makes me super happy being in the beach with my love one

Bonnie Mak says:

Love it sis!!!!!!! Thanks

sabirajt says:

Love ur earrings ☺

Shay Media Centric ! says:

I just did the Numerology thing and it was really spot on for me too!! From my career aspirations, to what my soul desires, to how ppl perceive me as ! Do it guys, you wont regret it! Its free info that lets you know a lot more about yourself than you think you already know. Numerology is really good for ppl who might in a rut about their what their passions & purpose are. I am a newbie fan of your channel. I subscribed yesterday.

Balerie Rivera says:

Seeing my cousin!

krublee says:

Many many happy memories of Cabo San Lucas beach parties fishing and be with my family

Introvert Meets World says:

I love me some love gal ???

Kenya Crockett says:

Clear you mind

Kenya Crockett says:

The birth of my glam son watching him be born and seeing him smile and laugh.

Lo O says:

Keep it coming!!!

Jennifer Piggott says:

Oh and I always see my birth date every where everyday any insight on that but I must say I always smile on seeing it.

Jennifer Piggott says:

Home with my family all of us talking laughing joking around and sharing past stories of the children when their were younger and of course when my husband and i first met these things brings me joy.

Josh Nichols says:

I tried this just now, and I feel great actually. Can't explain it but I have this awesome feeling of calmness and surety now, I feel the tension from my body melting away. ???

Arriba Secreto says:

FYI LoveGal – I've tried the numerology link via mobile browser and desktop browser but nothing happens after clicking start.

R says:

This is just the video I needed. Thanks ?❤️

Shon Crawford says:

Seeing my husband and children smile. Thanks for asking

Jatanda Thomas says:

Girl, the numerology report is dead on. I was shocked. I did one before but that was more general compared to this one. Thank you for this.

Jcash says:

Step 1. Meditation ??‍♂️

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