How to Subconsciously Draw Anything You Want Closer To You (Law of Attraction!) Powerful!

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Ava Ming: 1000 Days In China says:

Thanks Ralph, good message, but maybe a little bit long winded?

mm1212 W says:

Keep on preaching to the masses. Slowly, they may awaken from our collective consciousness's vibrational frequencies.

rotar ozana says:

In just a few months you convinced me to quit my job ❤️ And against everybody's advice, I really believe that I can start all over again. I like to paint and to write, and this is what I'm gonna do. Thank you!

komma punt says:

Okay. So, I have a few roads that I can walk. And that I actually consider as a nice life. One of them is getting into business like marketing. But, as fun as it sounds to get involved with numbers, money and tricks. I don't know if it's good to be in that sort of business. Because I suppose it's kind of a matrix job? I'm actually very uncertain about it. So I thought why not ask this community for a little guidance? Is it a good idea to go after a job/ lifestyle like that?

paul hogans says:

Hey fellow deep divers, can I get a hello?

Andres Clemente says:

Ralph!I want to thank you very much for all the light you have brought to me and to many people.Respect! Unfolding the great potential, that each of us we have, is a gift, it is a marvellous gift and I thank you for your great great duty! My sincere respect and my love to you. For this new year I wish you more and more grapes and more and more strawberries in your mouth! I wish the best to all the people already diving deep in the waters of concioussness! Peace!

Joel Lozano says:

Ralph the #spiritguide we need 2018

Bridgette Owens says:

So, good!!! Awesome

Alexis Conrad says:

I honestly fell asleep to watching your videos and had a dream of you saying "breathing in that good was prana baby" and I decided to change my diet. I also send your videos to my mother and it's helping her more than I could because had to undergo my own journey in order to help her. Thank you Ralph.

Catherine Robbins says:

Where on the world is Ralpho? Please Vlog from your new places each month…. share your subconscious journey around the world!!

Majesty I Wealthy says:

Can I Get A Helloooooooooooooo There. ????????

Kareem says:

What is your religion? ?

Didi Nova says:

Ralph, thanks for all the great videos! Btw, you and cat down the road are very funny : ) I have lots of fun listening + aha moments once I get some grapes in my mouth : ) keep up the good vibe !

The Bob Saget says:

the universe is avalanching financial prosperity, love, and abundance to myself and all us deep, deep divers!!!!

The Bob Saget says:

I love you Ralph

Green Lightning says:

22.22 hours on the clock and this video pops out. ;))

Maria Tomsen says:

Thank you Ralph ❤️❤️❤️❤️

sephora love says:

Ralph, I am a fan…. let's go explore Ethiopia together 🙂

hannah holland says:

much love ralph <3 from philadelphia

treestring says:

You're amazing! I laughed so much watching this one????

Juanda Chastang-Washington says:

How do you know all these things? I will meet Ralph Smart. ☺️?. Multnomah Falls put you awesomely close. I’m learning how to be alive and breath in that good Prana ☮️

Eva TOrtora says:

You are the very best!!!!!!! love, Eva 🙂 🙂 🙂

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