How To Manifest Your Dream Life ? Using Law Of Attraction

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Shonnetta's Divine Tarot says:

Hello my beautiful lovelies!??
In this video, I will be sharing my easy tips and tricks that I use to manifest all of my desires!!✨? Let me know if you will be using any of these techniques in your manifestations!?
Also, what tips do you all have me me?!??

cryforthemoon says:

ENTERED! This journal is exactly what will help me!

Carlie Simpson says:

I journal because I’ve always loved writing. One night earlier this month I started to sleep with positive affirmations but my phone died ! Lol. I am definitely trying again. I appreciate you ???

Traci Losee says:

You are so freaking cute I am so happy God directed me to your page…you are a light in the room girl..your energy is amazing thank you for all you do!!!

Britt Britt says:

I've been.listening to prosperity affirmations and I AM affirmations when I go to sleep and it works! I also believe in L.O.A. very much. ❤? I see you growing over 100,000+ in a few months or even less time. When I subbed to you about a month or less ago you were at 40,000. Wow! Blessings upon blessings to you!

Victory says:

Hey Shonetta , I want to thank you for your videos , for your authenticity an for putting yourself out there ! You’re an old soul, can’t believe how wise you are ! ?

Céline Marce says:

i will try them asap!!! thanks for the high vibes and positivity. You make me feeI better now that i have my tower moment..

MrFlyboyjay91 says:

Love your channel so much!! ❤️

MoonlightandFreyja says:

How do you control your mind? How do you stop second guessing yourself or negative thoughts.

Juliet Nicolich says:

i always get excited when i see you posted a new video! ?☺️

Tn A says:

Hey Shonnetta! I love your videos! I actually two questions and I’m hoping you’ll see this. 1)I’ve been looking into progaming my crystals, and I’ve been trying to look deeper into doing my that. There’s a full moon coming up so I wanted to do it once they recharge, so my question is do you just program them once? I haven’t seen anything about how often you program them, just HOW to program them, so do you just program them once when leave it be? They stay programmed for forever?
2)You talked about vision boards, it’s all ironic because I’ve been looking into vision boards and law of attraction. You talked about making multiple vision boards, so can I make one for each area of my life or is that too much? I’ve trying to become more organized, but do you think having two or three vision boards at one time is too much?
Sorry this was so long

sarah johnston says:

I've had a vision board since January and I have managed to manifest 4 things from it. I make one every January and allow the things to come in over the year x x

Janine Polanco says:

So proud of you! Love ya

Alex Anderson says:

Love love love this and totally relate to not wanting to go back to working for someone else and wanting to use your skills to work for yourself. ?

Mai Starr says:

again thank you for helping me raise my vibration what your talking about now is what exactly i thought and dreamed of low and behold i wake up to your video you never know who is going to help you with this amazing journey and im happy to say maybe you are one of my guides blessings to you thank you for my further awakenings

jazzz jyotsna says:

Awesome I love all your videos❤
You are just awesome ❤❤

Jessica Stewart says:

thank you so much for making this, i've been having a really rough day and even though i don't have enough energy to try all these things i am going to start trying. baby steps right?

Mitzi Menchaca says:

Congrats on the 50k suscribers!! ??? you deserve it! Sending you love from Mexico! ??? keep doing these amazing videos!

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