How To MANIFEST Anything Through Visualizations | Law Of Attraction Success

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Mahsa Sabouhi says:

Those extensions…. you look great ????????????????????????

Jane Ross says:

Can you make a video for your favorite books for the Law of attraction

TSpaceFullstop says:

I totally lost my vibe when I found this was was a really good price..low kms..but when I thought about how much money I would need to borrow and the money I had already saved, I panicked. It didn't feel right. Even though it would great to have a car after three years but I reckon by waiting for my real cool car to come my way…it will feel …just right.

Jennifer Won says:

Hi Annie, thank you for sharing your energy with us! I’ve watched a few other of your videos but this is the first time I am commenting. Thank you thank you! I am on THE PATH, thank you

meg 123 says:

Love this video!! Just what I needed to hear ???? also a great analogy I read somewhere compared manifesting to catching a butterfly in a net! If you got anxious and stressful running around after it it would just get further away from you, but if you just took a step back as you said and felt calm and at ease the butterfly would come to you!! ????✨

Kita Roque says:

my next level self is a jump: it's moving to los angels and into my dream apartment; i know what floor i want to be on and what furniture i'm getting for it
every time i think about living independently there i get all giggly lol (just thought i'd add that in to amuse anyone who reads this)

Positively Udo says:

Is your hair purple??

Shae Bell says:

My next level self will have businesses grounded and running consistently. Living in my new home with my new cars!!! Surrounded by infinite Abundance, Luv and Prosperity!!!! Thank you Annie????

Elzbieta Morawska says:

Hi Annie!Thank you for your video♥️ Do you have some Polish roots ?????

Dbora Teles says:

I'm not good at visualizing, how can I change that?

Akansha Singh says:

Hey annie, hope you are doing well. You look a little under the weather. Whatever you are going through, just know that lots of people love you and support you and soon everything will be resolved. Please take care of yourself ????

Bree Wooley says:

You're so pretty ????????❤

Tasha Luzzatto says:

I always try to do that but I always just self-sabotage for no reason, it’s like my brain interrupts me and thinks “you’ll never get that, don’t kid yourself” you feel me?

M Kanth Junction says:

Annie my friend.. please do a makeup tutorial ????

Jishnu Chatterjee says:

I would come back and watch your videos every single time, even if every new video was about the exact same thing. The need for repitition in the LOA is so understated.

Madi Wilson says:


Marichela says:

I've seen your other LOA videos and you have a new subscriber ❤

Debra Giroux says:

I love Jack Canfield teachings on Laws Of Attraction super inspiring & I'm practicing it myself.

lena mack says:

I just love you woman! Ugh always on a good note your awsome❤
Don't stress it Let it Go and Check in with Self You ARE Complete Already…

Light angel says:

Is not working on me WHY PLEASE HELP ME ????????‍♀️????????

Lisa Fisher says:

Thank you so so much Annie!!! I soooo needed to hear this today!! Thank you for your authenticity!! ????❤️ Newbie to your channel????????‍♀️ and I just love your channel! Hugs and all the best to you! ????????

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