How To Look Pretty Without Make Up Using Law of Attraction!

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Ashley Ducey says:

I KNOW I filmed this video with make up on!!! Hahaha but I will be posting a make-up free and filter free picture on my community wall here on instagram!
If you haven’t had a sec to see my community/daily inspirational post head on over and check it out. My make up free face will be there to say HELLO!

Jaya Singh says:

Very nice video

♍ ♌ SuperWolfgirl86 ♋ ♎ says:

Mahalo Ashley! I don't wear makeup maybe eye liner or lip color every once in awhile but its true! I am so beautiful inside and out! I've said this for years and I receive compliments almost daily!

Vilasprabha Jadhav says:

Nice … ?

Priyanka shukla says:

You are an angel for us ❤

Rajashri Mulay says:

Very nice vedio Ashley ❤️ sending lot more ??? love

Vengala Swathi says:

Tnq Ashley for ur work I really love u can u help me in one thing

S M says:

Ashley, please do a video on teeth whitening!

tripti khandaker says:

Omgeeeee ???????

Shrabonti Goswami says:

Thank u…..????

Teri Frances says:

I love this video Ashley. You are walking this talk. You really are that girl that has that something special that makes you feel good being around her. .
I actually love looking at cats and dogs and all of nature. Im in awe at the beauty of each cats face they are all so different and the most beautiful little creations more than humans I think. I love animals they are so perfect. Being a model I can relate to this video. I actually wear zero makeup because I dislike taking it off. Only sometimes.

Lenka Kaclova says:

I love all these points! Feel great in your own skin.

Nicolexoxo says:

Come on this is ridiculous content. I was hoping for better….

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