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autumn woods says:

thumbs up hun happy new year and thannx for sharing 🤗 xx

Jools Factor-Jones says:

I was so surprised when you dropped the f bomb!😄

Brundha Boora says:

How do I manifest getting into my dream school?

Tera Belt says:


Alice Parker says:

Love Ur energy Emma Ur buzzing! Again I loved Ur topic extremely useful especially for someone like me who has never set goals for the New Year before. I loved putting aside time in the day to do my vision board. I loved the meditativeness of really thinking of what to create & I'm getting such positive vibes from it.
Yes totally glad to see the back of 2018 for many reasons it was a v difficult year but I released so much on New Year Eve I have never seen paper burn like that! January period is usually a difficult time for me again what with SAD & remembering my Dad but I felt so much energy, lightness & joy/positivity within myself I just know This year is going to be different because I'm different, I'm feeling different, I'm seeing things differently & I'm doing things differently & all for the better!! X

Ali Duke says:

I've made some goals for this year. They all in some way better my daughter and my lives a bit better, maybe even a little holiday. Most of my goals are linked to money in one way or another, so I am going to have to work on attracting that. Will it still work if I get my daughter to help with the vision board as it is for us both. I've just got soul and spirit magazine. I love the affirmation cards x

Adriana Castro says:

Felt the same about 2018. Amazing year full of transformation😊✨✨✨

Alice says:

Such great advice.
I struggled with the same thing in 2018, so this was just what I needed!💜
I wish you a magical new year!
Love youuu.💟

Aquariuschild07 says:

322 views, 33 likes

Paula Kotecki says:

Great advice as always, thanks for all your help last year, have a joyous and wonderful New Year, lots of love 💖 and success for 2019 🤗 x

Spiritual Growth says:

So looking forward to this year!!! 😊

maryam feros says:

You are so inspiring Emma ❤

Janet Tiki Ylikomi says:

I loved My first newsletter of 2019😍

snowdropbelle says:

I love your jumper Emma! One of my goals for this year is to make space for a miniature dachshund in my life 🐶

Moon Allured says:

I’m planning for 2019 to be amazing and much better than the last. Full of happiness, love, and growth.

liv Hamilton says:

i just ordered your moon journal and im so excited

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