How To Get What You Want Part 2 | Law Of Attraction | Real Life Examples |

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mahima nagpal says:

I can really connect to you ?? you should really do more of these vedios

Priyanka Priyadarshinee says:

What a amazing Christmas gift this is! Thanks a lot! Love you ?

Ekta Jadhav says:

I love The secret and clicked on your video because of it.. you are really good at explaining things. Sometimes these kind of video can be boring and some YouTubers are good but annoying but you are really good and too cute!

kirtica ghosh says:

This video actually made my day ❤

Munisha Khadeeja says:

Wow amazing?loved it

shr d says:

Desperatly w8ng fr part 3???…like dis guys so dt akriti does it soon

Sona Dhir says:

U tooo gud gul thanku so much luv u ?

MakeupGlows08 says:

I love this series Aakriti. It seriously motivates me so much. But I have a question, shouldn’t we always consider the negative side of things too just so we don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t happen? Please answer my question, it is literally stuck to my mind and I desperately need an answer.

pratiksha jawale says:

Aakriti Thank you so much for sharing Secret ..I have gone through entire series of secret ..Its quite an amazing experience

shravya rao says:

Girl!! This video gave me chillz i swear ..cheers to you keep going …thanks for inspiring

yojna bathija says:

An inspiration❤!! Lots of love Akriti?

Jagruti Rathod says:

Best video ever…You and parleen are both very positive…very inspiring…and yes that one little doubt can cancel out the thing which u are attracting…love you both…make more of law of attraction videos?♥

Jaishree Sen says:

Plzz share some more experiences with us…plz make another video like this ??lots of love

khushbu joshi says:

Hi Aakriti.. Love this and ur previous video on secret.. Please keep on uploading such videos it really helps and it's too motivating.. God bless u

Solitary Star Gazer says:

Hi, i listen to you and i feel like everything would be alright if i think positive, but it doesn't always work that way. So could you please tell what do you do when a negative thought comes to your mind, or how do you tackle everyday problems by keeping calm. Hoping to hear from you.

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