How to “Feel the Feeling” | Law of Attraction

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India Rushing says:

I asked the universe that it would be to manifest $500 dollars. Lately I’ve been seeing the amount everywhere, on ads, today i was watching a YT video and this lady was explaining how she manifested $500. I’ve been manifesting a specific person. I see and hear this person name everywhere. I’ve even ran into this person a few times past couple of weeks. Is this a sign that what I’m manifesting is on it’s way??

beeplus says:

Thank you! I saved this one & I’m definitely going to refer back to it. You’re so awesome! Thanks, again! ❤️

Mathi Sekar says:

Love you 💕 I am so grateful for you ❤

Holly McMurter says:

Loved this! Thank you for reminding me of all these awesome tips! 🙂

Joe Anderson says:

Hi.baba.good night..

Winter Rain says:

"Manifesting Money that is my new Reality"

Hannah Lee says:

Love your make up girl! Gorgeous as always 💗

Bahamian Princess says:

I needed this

ECHO6 says:

some brilliant points here

smartclassyladyj says:

This was so helpful!!!! Thank you!!!🌹

Positively Udo says:

Hey good job collating with Leeor! How did you swing that?

Nacho Cheese Doritos says:

Thank you! I’ve really been struggling with this ❤️


Çan you do a manifestation Monday ?


Hi I am happy to watch you from Paris , you Past video very help me actually I really need to manifest money fast

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