How To Create The Life You Desire With Scripting – Law of Attraction

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Janani devi says:

Thank you ma’am. Good explanation. Definitely will do. Namaste

LuckyNH27 says:

Eyvette – I said it before and I’ll say it again. You are the BEST manifestation teacher ever! So clear, simple, to the point! Much love to you! Thank You for sharing. Namaste 🙏

nothingness says:

Loveeeeeeeee you Evyette 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍you are my Angel.

Valerie Walter says:

Another great video that is so easy to understand! Namaste!

Funk Monk says:

💕You da beest💕

Beautiful natural makeup60 says:

Thank you very much for the information I am trying to manifest things in my life

donmegace says:

Thank you Eyvette! I love the way you keep posting more videos. Every video of yours is a huge reminder of how powerful we are as creative beings. Blessings to you!

Wayne X says:

✌🏾😎👍🏾Thank you. Goodness, beauty, and abundace. "I am because we are." Ubuntu South African Philosophy. I really, appreciate, you.

Balwinder Chouhan says:

Thank you for sharing .
I am using your mirror technique from 2 weeks . I am realtor and struggling with business .
So should I write down the script "I gets alots of deals . I closes 10 deals this year . I made $100,000 this year . Or I am making $100,000 this year
Please correct me if I am wrong in my scripting.


Sandra Malone says:

Thanks, im now applying this method.

Nilanjana 777 says:

Very nice and informative
Definitely try how you say

Terry Fobbs says:

Thanks Family Amazing video. Everytime I wacth 1 of your video's it rises my Vibration. Because every thought u speak be FACTS. I will be shopping at your store today yayyyy. Much DIVINE LOVE and LIGHT. Namaste

Genette Richard says:

Only last night I watched the video and thought of trying it happy I did. WOW. Will apply to attracting a partner will keep you posted

Genette Richard says:

I know I just commented 2 hours ago, and believe me I'm blown away. I'm traveling to Toronto in a week just saw my card will expire while I'm away,need it to travel. In my country it takes at least, 2 wks to renew. I'm concerned and a bit stress, so I'm like why not give this scripting stuff a chance. I got a piece of paper wrote on it in the present tense, I have my Visa card renewal and ready to go. I look at it and let go of the outcome, took some time run to the bank, cause I was at work. My gosh no problem 😁❤️ I'm going to collect my new card next week 3 days before traveling. Praise God 🙌. Thank you my lady for this video may God continue to bless you and your endeavors

samma smit says:

Can you make a video of dealing with big resistance

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