How To Create The Life You Desire With Scripting – Law of Attraction

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Janani devi says:

Thank you ma’am. Good explanation. Definitely will do. Namaste

LuckyNH27 says:

Eyvette – I said it before and I’ll say it again. You are the BEST manifestation teacher ever! So clear, simple, to the point! Much love to you! Thank You for sharing. Namaste ????

nothingness says:

Loveeeeeeeee you Evyette ????????????????????????????????????????you are my Angel.

Valerie Walter says:

Another great video that is so easy to understand! Namaste!

Funk Monk says:

????You da beest????

Beautiful natural makeup60 says:

Thank you very much for the information I am trying to manifest things in my life

donmegace says:

Thank you Eyvette! I love the way you keep posting more videos. Every video of yours is a huge reminder of how powerful we are as creative beings. Blessings to you!

Wayne X says:

✌????????????????Thank you. Goodness, beauty, and abundace. "I am because we are." Ubuntu South African Philosophy. I really, appreciate, you.

Balwinder Chouhan says:

Thank you for sharing .
I am using your mirror technique from 2 weeks . I am realtor and struggling with business .
So should I write down the script "I gets alots of deals . I closes 10 deals this year . I made $100,000 this year . Or I am making $100,000 this year
Please correct me if I am wrong in my scripting.


Sandra Malone says:

Thanks, im now applying this method.

Nilanjana 777 says:

Very nice and informative
Definitely try how you say

Terry Fobbs says:

Thanks Family Amazing video. Everytime I wacth 1 of your video's it rises my Vibration. Because every thought u speak be FACTS. I will be shopping at your store today yayyyy. Much DIVINE LOVE and LIGHT. Namaste

Genette Richard says:

Only last night I watched the video and thought of trying it happy I did. WOW. Will apply to attracting a partner will keep you posted

Genette Richard says:

I know I just commented 2 hours ago, and believe me I'm blown away. I'm traveling to Toronto in a week just saw my card will expire while I'm away,need it to travel. In my country it takes at least, 2 wks to renew. I'm concerned and a bit stress, so I'm like why not give this scripting stuff a chance. I got a piece of paper wrote on it in the present tense, I have my Visa card renewal and ready to go. I look at it and let go of the outcome, took some time run to the bank, cause I was at work. My gosh no problem ????❤️ I'm going to collect my new card next week 3 days before traveling. Praise God ????. Thank you my lady for this video may God continue to bless you and your endeavors

samma smit says:

Can you make a video of dealing with big resistance

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