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Alice says:

Great video Emma!?
I once woke up at 5:45 for a whole week…?

Moriah Tukaki says:

As you started talking about elephants i looked down and realised my skirt is covered with little elephants… How funny!… Kudos universe?????

jb2805 says:

I saw 316 for months straight. Then they stopped and I saw 1111 constantly. Now I see 11,111,1111 all the time and occasionally 316. Still don't know what it means. I feel like when you look it up every number supposedly means your ok the right path. But I feel like there was definitely a significance with 316 vs 1111. I just say thank you to my angels when I see them but still am confused lol

Jenny A says:

I walked into my room the other night, looked at the clock and it read 11.14. I thought to myself, "Oh, I missed it, I love my 111's" I walked into the bathroom, checked my pedometer to see how many steps I'd done that day – I was on 11,111 steps. The Universe most definitely has a sense of humour 🙂

Lilac Jream says:

Really odd. I've been hearing the number 808 and seeing it on the clock and other random places recently. I still get the this might be a fluke thought and then you mention the exact number. Universe is off the chains.

nikita says:

Merry Christmas ❤ loved the video!

Riana Rabenandrasana says:

During the family dinner, we talked about my studies and what I’m gonna do next year. We brought up a certain school, EPITECH. And right now, as I was watching your video, a advertising appeared. An EPITECH advertising ? Clearly that is a sign from the Universe. But still, I’m confused, It seems like the Universe is telling me to go to EPITECH when my heart doesn’t want to. Can you help me please ☹️ ?

N M says:

Happy Christmas lovely xx

Paula Kotecki says:

For me it’s 28 , have an awesome Christmas Emma, lots of love ? x

Olivia Mariscal says:

Merry Christmas ? Emma .. have an amazing day

Beautyandthestyle82 says:

Merry Christmas beautiful x

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