How To ACTIVELY Manifest ANYTHING | Law of AttrACTION Success

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Simple and Wander says:

Thank you for a great video, I love the LAO! It’s always great to hear other people’s journey with it.

Eva Antonia says:

I LOVE your LoA videos<3 Thank you for the positive vibes and tips<3

Matoaka says:

You're so huge inspiration and motivation for me! Thanks for that ❤️

Claire Laskey says:

My next goal is to win my 50/50 contest. I just received a new job that is healthier for me.????

Stacey Hatcher says:

Thanks Annie for making this video. I hope u move into the loft it’s beautiful ???? I’m going to follow ur advice on manifesting and make a vision board. I also love ur thumb nail it’s so cute ????????✌️❤️have a great day.


I love you????


WOW New hair style, looking beautiful????????

sepiaswirl says:

Okay now I'm excited! I watched your vision board and scripting videos before and I did make a (digital) vision board to use as my phone's lockscreen. The universe immediately started giving me ways to accomplish those goals and take action and at least three things are either currently being fulfilled or I've been able to set up a plan of action so to speak to make it happen in the next few months! Yay!

I wanted to do scripting but writing every single day held me from it (I can be lazy oops). I also don't have a 100% clear vision as to who I want to be in a year (having a bit of a crisis!) so I didn't think scripting would be very beneficial. But this idea of writing a letter to yourself a year from now – I like that a lot! I'm definitely going to try it out!

palm menendez says:

Hi Anny it is difficult to go on and have all the time the good feeling in the present about the things we want to manifest so what can we do to keep this feeling all the time and how we can do when we feel tired or down?

Dinesh Wadhwani says:

Annie, thank you for this great video. I think I attracted it and its exactly what I needed right now to remind myself and validate what I already know. I am personal friends with somebody that was in the movie "The Secret" (about LOA). One additional thing I would like to add for the benefit of everybody (that I learnt from him) is that you need to basically program your subconscious mind to believe and register what you are asking for (vs the conscious mind). Adding the feeling and the action is also crucial as you mentioned. And if you believe in God like myself there is a lot in the Bible that backs all of this up as well. You are a major blessing to all of us. Thanks again for your videos. I think your million subscriber mark is going to happen sooner than you think and your new apartment plus Lexus will happen soon also. Sending good vibes, good wishes and blessings to you.

Ankita Redkar says:

Ur hair cut is so beautifullll…

Laviana Hampton says:

Love your hair

zpoppe says:

Manifestation of a apt, moving so much, looks like legal eviction, and scam the next apartment and so on lol

JayLynn Ellison says:

Your hair looks bomb!!!!

Paloma Healing says:

I've gone out and test drove a brand new Truck that I want to get doing the As If exercise..???? I'd like to know what other active thing I can do?

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